Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dubbing voice:
- Bernd Egger

Arnold Schwarzenegger & his dubbing voice Bernd Egger

Profession: Actor, bodybuilder, producer & US politician
Birthday: 30.07.1947
Born in: Thal / Styria
Nationality: Austria & USA
Height: 188cm
Partner: Heather Milligan
Ex-partner: Maria Shriver
Nicknames: Arnie, Austrian Oak, Conan the Republican, Styrian Oak, The Governator, The Running Man, Conan the Governor, The Machine

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger began his career as a bodybuilder and won the title of Mr. Olympia a total of seven times. His muscular physique and impressive presence on stage made him a legend in bodybuilding. But Schwarzenegger had bigger ambitions and also wanted to be successful in the film business.
Despite his success as an actor, Schwarzenegger never forgot his roots in bodybuilding. He returned to this passion again and again and organized the Arnold Classic, one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world.
His breakthrough as an actor came in 1982 with the film "Conan the Barbarian", in which he played the lead role of Conan. This role established him as an action star and earned him a large fan base.

Further successful films followed, such as "The Terminator" (1984), "Predator" (1987) and "Total Recall" (1990), which finally established him as one of the leading action stars of his time.
Although Schwarzenegger is best known for his action roles, he has also excelled in other genres. In films such as "Twins" (1988), "Kindergarten Cop" (1990) and "Junior" (1994), he showed his comedic side and proved his talent for timing and humor.
He is known for his iconic one-liners such as "I'll be back" from the movie "The Terminator", which became his trademark.
36 awards & 37 nominations
Schwarzenegger has received numerous awards throughout his career that recognize his acting achievements. For his role as T-800 in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991), he received the MTV Movie Award for Best Actor. He was also honored with the Golden Globe Award for his role in "True Lies" (1994).
He has also enjoyed success outside the movie business. He was Governor of California from 2003 to 2011 and campaigned for environmental protection and education during his time in office.


We have listed some of his best and most famous films and series here:
2019: Terminator: Dark Fate
2017: Aftermath
2015: Terminator: Genisys
2015: Maggie
2014: Sabotage
2013: Escape Plan
2013: The Last Stand
2002: Collateral Damage
2000: The 6th Day
1999: End of Days
1997: Batman & Robin
1996: Jingle All the Way
1996: Eraser
1994: Junior
1994: True Lies 
1993: Last Action Hero
1991: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
1990: Kindergarten Cop
1990: Total Recall 
1988: Twins 
1988: Red Heat
1987: Predator
1986: Raw Deal
1985: Commando
1985: Red Sonja
1984: Conan the Destroyer
1984: The Terminator
1982: Conan the Barbarian
1979: The Villain
1976: Stay Hungry
1970: Hercules in New York

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