Kiefer Sutherland
Dubbing voice:
- Tobias Meister

Kiefer Sutherland & his dubbing voice Tobias Meister

Profession: Actor, musician & film producer
Birthday: 21.12.1966
Born in: London / England
Nationality: United Kingdom
Height: 174cm
Partner: Cindy Vela
Ex-partner: Kelly Winn, Camelia Lynne 

Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland comes from a famous family of actors. His father is the renowned Canadian actor Donald Sutherland and his mother is the actress Shirley Douglas. He moved to Canada with his family at a young age and began his acting training there.
He began his professional career in the 1980s when he appeared in films such as "Stand by Me" (1986) and "The Lost Boys" (1987). These films brought him his first recognition and established him as a promising talent in Hollywood.
He is not only a successful actor, but also a talented musician. He has released several albums and tours regularly with his band. His music career reflects his versatility and artistic talent.
Sutherland is also known for his social commitment. He is actively involved in various charities, including Amnesty International and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

However, Sutherland's breakthrough came in 2001 when he took on the lead role of CTU agent Jack Bauer in the TV series "24". His portrayal of the hardened agent fighting against the clock was celebrated by critics and audiences alike.

In addition to his work in "24", Sutherland has also appeared in a variety of other films and television series. His most notable appearances include roles in films such as "A Few Good Men" (1992), "Flatliners" (1990) and "Phone Booth" (2002). He has also appeared in television series such as "Designated Survivor" (2016-2019) and "Touch" (2012-2013).
21 awards & 61 nominations
One of the most notable awards in Sutherland's career is the Golden Globe Award. He won this prestigious award in 2002 for his outstanding portrayal of CTU agent Jack Bauer in the television series "24". In 2006, he also received an Emmy Award for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role in "24". 
In addition, he has received several Screen Actors Guild Awards. He won the SAG Award both as an individual actor and as part of the ensemble of "24". In addition to these prestigious awards, Sutherland has also received the Teen Choice Award, the People's Choice Award and the Critics' Choice Television Award.


We have listed some of his best and most famous films and series here:
2023: The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial
2023: Rabbit Hole (TV series, 8 episodes)
2016-2019: Designated Survivor (TV series, 53 episodes)
2015: Forsaken
2011: Melancholia
2008: Mirrors
2006: The Sentinel 
2002: Phone Booth
2001-2010: 24 (TV series, 192 episodes)
1998: A Soldier’s Sweetheart
1998: Ground Control
1996: Freeway
1996: A Time to Kill
1993: The Vanishing
1990: Flatliners 
1987: The Lost Boys
1983: Max Dugans Moneten (Max Dugan Returns)

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