Toni Collette
Dubbing voice:
- Christin Marquitan

Toni Collette & her dubbing voice Christin Marquitan

Profession: Actress & producer
Birthday: 01.11.1972
Born in: Sydney / New South Wales
Nationality: Australia
Height: 173cm
Ex-partner: Dave Galafassi

Antonia Collette's career began in Australia, where she appeared in various television productions and plays. 
Parallel to her successful career, Toni Collette has also led a fulfilling personal life. She is known for her commitment to social and environmental issues and for her support of charitable organizations. She is also the mother of two children and has shown how to successfully combine a career in the entertainment industry with family life
Toni Collette's breakthrough in the film industry came in 1994 with her role as Muriel Heslop in "Muriel's Wedding". Her portrayal of a shy and dreamy young woman striving for self-discovery and happiness touched audiences deeply.
Collette has established herself as an extremely versatile actress and has worked in a variety of genres. She has appeared in dramas such as "The Sixth Sense" as well as comedies such as "Little Miss Sunshine". 
Aside from her work in film, Collette has also impressed on stage and television. She has appeared in various Broadway productions and received praise for her performance in the television series "United States of Tara", for which she won an Emmy Award.
55 awards & 112 nominations
She was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "The Sixth Sense" and won a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Award for her performance in "Little Miss Sunshine". These awards underline her talent and influence on the film industry.


We have listed some of their best and most famous films and series here:
2022: The Estate 
2022: The Staircase (miniseries, 8 episodes)
2020: Dream Horse
2019: Unbelievable (miniseries, 7 episodes)
2018: Hereditary 
2017: Unlocked
2015: Miss You Already
2014: A Long Way Down
2009-2011: United States of Tara (television series, 36 episodes)
2006: The Night Listener 
2006: Little Miss Sunshine
2005: In Her Shoes
2002: About a Boy 
2002: The Hours
1999: The Sixth Sense
1994: Muriel's Wedding 

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