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Documentaries are often used in the reappraisal of history or, for example, the development of technical buildings. Well-known dubbing artists are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they can perfectly guide the viewer through an interesting topic.

Voice actors for documentaries often have a pleasant, calm voice similar to voice actors for explanatory videos. Documentaries, however, are usually much longer, which is why the narrators for documentaries have to find a special balance, e.g. not to let the nature documentary become boring. You have probably already noticed the same or similar off-voice of a narrator in documentaries such as TV documentaries on Welt, n-tv or N24.


Our professional commentary speakers will give your documentary the right off voice, whether it is a TV documentary (documentary film), radio documentary or audio book documentary.
In our voice search you will find well-known female and male off voice actors and voices for documentaries of all kinds.
In our technically high-quality sound studios for voice recordings, your documentary film will be dubbed first-class by professional off-voice actors.


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Book your voice over speaker for documentaries with recording in our studio at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of professional voice over actors with pleasant, calm voices for your documentary and record at the highest standard.

What do you think, for example, of the absolute top voices in German dubbing: in particular Norbert Langer,K.Dieter Klebsch,Till HagenandTim Moeseritzspeak countless documentaries on N24, Welt and others.

Among the women Anke Reitzenstein,Daniela Thuar,Melanie HinzeandSuzanne Vogdtare particularly noteworthy, all of whom shine in their own way.

On this page the female and male voices for the production of documentaries are listed alongside further information.

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The following is a randomly generated speaker selection:

Suzanne Vogdt
German native speaker, voice-over actress for advertisements, voice artist

Frank Schaff
German native speaker, voice of Ethan Hawke, voice actor for advertisements

Bettina Weiß
German native speaker, voice of Sandra Bullock, voice actress for advertisements for Brita

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