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The australian native voices are ideally adapted for the use of foreign-language productions of all kinds in this language.

When an australian native voice over talent, the mother tongue shapes in their sound form and grammatical structure so deeply that he had largely automated controls. From puberty not only an australian native speaker can no longer take this language course.

If you want to add sound to an australian production-quality content, you should use australian native voices - quality pays off.

We review all australian native speakers on their linguistic properties and let us acknowledge them. How we ensure that your interest a high quality standard.

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Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice over talent for you.


    Female (English (Australian)) (3)
Mala Ghedia is an Australian native speaker. The English voice actress can also speaks the english dialects US and Uk without accent and can speak Hindi
Born and grown up in Australia the English voice actress Melissa Holroyd was able to increase her popularity through roles in blockbuster movies like Speed Racer or The Lost Samaritan. Nowadays the Australian English native speaker, now fluent in German, also takes parts in German film and television productions, does film dubbings and voice-overs for several projects.
    Male (English (Australian)) (1)
Ben Fajzullin is a professional voice-over artist. He is an Australian native speaker who can speak the dialects Midatlantic (Australian) and US Englisch. The Australian voice actor is often booked for voice-overs of audio books, off presentations, advertisements, film dubbings and as cartoon voice.

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