Jack Luceno

American native speaker Jack Luceno, voice actor for advertisements


Voice actor, Native speaker, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 35 to 55 years
Native language:
English (US)
Main language:
English (US)
Native Dialects:
Mid-Atlantic (US), US (US)
Pitch of voice:
deep, mellow, powerful, striking
Film, TV, Advertising, Radio, Documentary

Jack Luceno - Auditions

Jack Luceno - Advertisement Mix 1 English US
Jack Luceno - Advertisement Mix 2 English US
Jack Luceno - PC Game Mix 2 English US
Jack Luceno - Corporate video Mix 1 English US
Jack Luceno - Corporate video Mix 2 English US
Jack Luceno - Corporate video Mix 3 English US
Jack Luceno - E-Learning English US
Jack Luceno - Commercial Mix English UK Midatlantic


Bacardi, Heinz Ketchup, Hennesy, Mikes Lemonade, Heineken, Coca Cola Zero, Lipton Tea, Sony, Virgin Trains, Bonux, Emirate Airlines, Chevrolet Silverado, Molson Beer, Cannon, Air Italia, Discovery Channel, Visa, Samsung, Oxford Insurance, Fulda Tires, Sprite Zero, Mitshubishi, Reebock, Ford F150, Irish Rep Theater, Actron (Meds), T Max, Bavaria Beer, Tropicana, Tanqueray, Calvin Klein, Bridgestone, Renault, Mont Blanc, Vitamin Water, UPC

Corporate video:

Heineken, Bridgestone, Dupon, FiFa, PMC, Austevol, Allianz, Media Player Two, Beyer-Schering, Just Proud, HP, Chrysler, Samsung, Reebock, Siemens, Joloron, Rhino Creations, Cannon Presentation, IMC, Cann Awards, Culimer, TBWA/NEBOKO, Logica, Wrangler, Pepsi, Esix, ESG, Vopack, KLM, Media Player, Bosch, Schipol Presentation, HISWA, Tom Tom, Endemol, Levis


Iron Man 1, Novack, Candid Crime, Tour de France, My Soul to Take W. Craven, Win Win, Rugby World Cup, Andromeda Strain, Pushing Daisies, Van Rossem President, Lockup, Under Red Light, Bread & Tulips, Ticket to Heaven, Smoke Jumpers, James Bond 2012, Bull Run, Safe Harbor A´dam


ABC Good Morning American, Lockdown, CBS News, Discovery Channel, WGVB, ABC Jimmy Kimmel, ESPN Colin Coward, EO Network (Holland), News WPIX, NFL Red Zone, Red Bull, A & E Network

Film dubbing:

Sci-Fi Channel, JAG, The Buick Classic, Wes Craven Trailer, CBS News


Against the Dawn, Flodders, The Wild Clown, Mon Ami Vincent, Enemy Mine, Once Around, Snuff Cop, Low ball, Some Fish Can Fly, Hudsucker Proxy, Romeo is Bleeding, Baantje, The Jury, Seinfeld, Hemingway, Criminal Intent, Law & Order (NBC), Conan O´Brien Show (NBC), Mussolini (A&E), Jules Verne (A&E), Al Capone (A&E), Nobel Prize (Euro TV), Thrill of Flight (TLC)


Tautologies - Nat Horne Theater, Montevideo Judith Anderson Theater, Daddy Nat Horne Theater, The Poor of New York J.A. Theater, The Cedar Bar The New School Theater, Arsenic and Old Lace The Workshop Theater, The Spirit of Man The Mint Theater, The Brothers Karamazov The Connely Theater, A View From the Bridge, The Workshop Theater

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