Peter Becker

 Native speaker Peter Becker, English voice actor for commercials and corporate movies

Voice actor, Native speaker, Audio books & drama, Computer games, Cartoon voice
from 20 to 40 years
Native language:
English (UK)
Main language:
English (UK), German
Further languages:
Native Dialects:
Pitch of voice:
deep, dynamic, fresh, moderate, sonorous, striking, voluminous, youthful
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary, Audioguide

Peter Becker - Auditions

Peter Becker - Corporate movie AUDI
Peter Becker - Corporate movie South Tyrol
Peter Becker - Voice over
Peter Becker - Advertising Penny German
Peter Becker - Corporate movie BOSE
Peter Becker - Dubbing Rectify German
Peter Becker - Corporate movie Frankfurt Airport German
Peter Becker - Voice over Documentary German

Peter Becker - Videos

Miele Generation 7000
Hyundai Genesis

Marriot Hotels German
Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, Film Acting Seminar Film Academy Ludwigsburg, Television Presenting and Presentation (Berlin School of Journalism), The Actors Centre (London).
Penny, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Save my Nature, Audi, Bose, Hyundai, Marriott, Miele, Smart, Zeiss.

Image film:
Audi Sport, Marriott Hotels, Mister Spex, Libri, Mercury Media, Volvo: V40 Launch, Malteser, Austroflamm, Fiducia, RWE, Houzz
Freedom or Security (Arte), Forbidden Films, Big City Nights - The Scorpions Film, The Heirs, Checked Through - Growth at Any Price?, Emergency Call, Homs - A Destroyed Dream, Vol Spécial: This is the World, Neville Tranter - The Voice of the Master, Future Finds City, Operation Lune, World War 1 - Death in Tunnels and Shafts, Madame Tyson - Mistress of the Rings, Freedom or Security, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Ghoststory, Wreck Trek, House Hunters, Inside Luxury, Jersey Shore
Audio book / radio drama:
Glass House 1 + 2, The King of the Purple City, Frederick of Trakehnen, The Waringham Saga 2, Six Degrees
Alien Colonial Marines 1 + 2, Lego Batman, Inazuma 3, Final Fantasy XV, The Incredibles
SWR2 (Feature): Rant, but spell my name right, WDR (radio play): Friedhelm aus Trakehnen - Eine Flucht mit Pferd und Wagen, Deutschland Radio Kultur (Features): The new bio wave in China, You have the freedom you take, Man as creator, Makes love see.

Film / TV:
Babylon Berlin, Bad Banks, Tatort, Polizeiruf 110, Elser - He would have changed the world, Unknown Identity, Stauffenberg - The true story, Until nothing remains, The sinking of the Pamir.
Royal National Theatre, London; Deutsches Theater, Berlin; Thalia Theater, Hamburg; Volkstheater, Vienna; Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin; Schauspiel Köln; Schauspiel Essen; Nibelungenfestspiele, Worms; HAU, Berlin
Movies (selection)
Daniel Brunet (als Designer) in Rückkehr nach Montauk (2017) 
Dominic Bogart (als Sergeant O'Brien) in Pandemic - Fear the Dead (2016) 
als Agent #6 in Das Jerico Projekt: Im Kopf des Killers (2016) 
Will Erichson (als Rayzon) in Lügen haben spitze Zähne (2015) 
Beau Rich (als Robert) in DUFF: Hast du Keine, bist du Eine! (2015) 
Seth Meriwether (als A.J.) in DUFF: Hast du Keine, bist du Eine! (2015) 
Christian Wise (als Stephen) in Darkest Day (2015) 
Damian Dyke (als Thompson) in Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead (2014) 
Mark Irons (als Engelse Nerd) in W - The Killer of Flanders Fields (2014) 
Jeremy Glazer (als New Guy) in Playing It Cool (2014) 
Catero Colbert (als Diner-Kellner) in Playing It Cool (2014) 
Duncan Casey (als Tommy) in I Am Soldier (2014) 
Brady Corbet (als Brady) in Höhere Gewalt (2014) 
Jade Hassouné (als Peter) in Brick Mansions (2014) 
Series (selection)
Hampus Hallberg (als Lehrer Peter) in Schnelles Geld (2021-) in Episode "5" (Staffel 1) 
Randy Kerber (als Randy) in The Eddy (2020-) in 8 Episoden 
Connor Tillman (als Officer Nick Selig) in Unbelievable (2019) in 5 Episoden 
Sterling K. Brown (als 'Michael Angelo') in Big Mouth (2017-) in Staffel 4 
Lombardo Boyar (als Dad) in Man with a Plan (2016-2020) in Episode "5" (Staffel 1) 
Nick Alvarez (als Royce (1. Stimme)) in Man with a Plan (2016-2020) in Episode "8" (Staffel 1) 
Gregory M. Mitchell (als FBI Agent Tanner) in MacGyver (2016-2021) in 1 Episode 
Matt Cedeño (als Chuy Mendez) in Rosewood (2015-2017) in Episode "9" (Staffel 1) 
Travis Hammer (als Deputy Carl Parry) in Dig - Operation Armageddon (2015) in Episode "3-6, 8" (Staffel 1) 
Faz Aoufi (als Darren) in Banana (2015) in Staffel 1 
J.P. Veiza (als Raul Lopez) in Forever (2014-2015) in Episode "5" (Staffel 1) 
Giles Panton (als Lord Cunningham) in Reign (2013-2017) in Episode "8 & 11" (Staffel 3) 
Joshua Mikel (als Peyton) in Rectify (2013-2016) in 2 Episoden 
Luke Robertson (als Yuri Reznikov) in Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019) in Episode "1" (Staffel 3) 
Readings: Literaturhaus, Berlin; Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin; Volkstheater, Vienna
Layout: Milchschnitte, Deutsche Bahn, AOK,, Nutella
Tutorials: Otto Bock, Volkswagen, Mercury Media
Telephone system: Bitbob
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