Lutz Riedel

German native speaker Lutz Riedel, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama
from 45 to 60 years
Main language:
Berlin, Rhenish
Pitch of voice:
dark, deep, deep, dynamic, multi-faceted, very striking, warm
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary

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Lutz Riedel - Story
Lutz Riedel - Story telling dialect Berlinerisch
Studies in theater, German language and literature, journalism (Free University of Berlin), acting lessons with Prof. Erika Dannhoff.
The view into the stone age
Audio book / radio play:
Karl May (several episodes), Ghost Thriller (several episodes), Video Game Heroes (episodes 1-4), Holy Classics (several episodes), Moriarty, Jan Tenner, The Nibelungen, Ghost Hunter John Sinclair: Edition 2000, The Adventures of Ulysses, Caine, Inspector Wim Banner in Revelation 23, Bram Stoker: Dracula, Monchichi & Monchichi, Necrophobia I+ II, The Thing on the Threshold, The Rats in the Wall, The Shadows of Innsmouth, Dracula's Guest, The Lost Art of Twilight, Stephen King Spring and Summer, The Dalai Lama The Wisdom of Forgiveness, The Book of Humanity,
Berliner Kammerspiele, Tribüne, Forum- Theater, Hebbel Theater Städtische Bühnen Lübeck, Freie Volksbühne, Theater des Westens, Komödie and Theater Kurfürstendamm.
Movies (selection)
Yuen Cheung-Yan (as Xue Muhua) in Sakra (2023) 
Stephen Fry (as King James III) in Royal Blue (2023) 
Gregory Jbara (as Warren Magnuson) in Oppenheimer (2023) 
As Sabri's father in Oh My, I'm Growing! (2023) 
Guy Paul (as Prof. Plimpton) in Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny (2023) 
Jeremy Irons (as Alfred Pennyworth) in The Flash (2023) 
Joaquim de Almeida (as Hernan Reyes) in Fast & Furious 10 (2023) 
Gérard Darmon (as 'Narrator') in Asterix & Obelix in the Middle Kingdom (2023) 
Christian de Sica (as Torsillo) in Two Like Pitch and Brimstone (2022) 
Tim Ware (as Judge Curtis Swango) in Till - Battle for Truth (2022) 
Allan Corduner (as Sebastian Brix) in Tár (2022) 
Armand Assante (as Ernie) in Sugar (2022) 
Bill O'Reilly (as Bill O'Reilly (stock footage)) in She Said (2022) 
Jim Carter (as 'King') in The Sea Monster (2022) 
Gregory Cox (as Major Metcalf) in See How They Run (2022) 
Julián Valcárcel (as Public Defender) in Prison 77 - Escape to Freedom (2022) 
Ion Stefan (as Sam) in Prancer: A Christmas Tale (2022) 
Michael Cochrane (as Sir James) in Living for Real (2022) 
Vali Jokar (as Fatima's father) in Holy Spider (2022) 
Series (selection)
John Getz (as Warren) in A Fatal Affair (2023) in episode "1, 4-6" 
Joel Haberli (as Dick Waltham) in Up Here (2023) in episode "5 & 8" (season 1) 
Peter Riegert (as Allen) in Shelter - The Black Butterfly (2023) in episode "3" (season 1) 
Fabien Lucciarini (as Lucien Bisset) in The Swarm (2023) in episode "6" 
Gene Bervoets (as Matthias Dumont) in Rough Diamonds (2023) in episode "2-8" 
Charles Dance (as Dr. Ben Wilson) in Rabbit Hole (2023) in 7 episodes 
Hidenari Ugaki (as 'Rex Terra Esfort') in Die Parallelwelt-Chroniken des Aristokraten (2023) 
Jerry Wasserman (as Abe) in The Last of Us (2023-) in 1 Episode 
Hayden Spencer (as Shane Hastings) in Deadloch (2023) in 8 episodes 
Timothy Busfield (as Therapeut Simmons) in Citadel (2023-) in 1 episode
Michael Nouri (as Roger Kaplan) in The Watcher (2022-) in episode "1, 6, 7" 
Jonathan Pryce (as David Cartwright) in Slow Horses - Ein Fall für Jackson Lamb (2022-) in 4 episodes 
Colin Mace (as Kenny Muldoon) in Slow Horses - Ein Fall für Jackson Lamb (2022-) in 1 episode
Andrzej Seweryn (as Sylwester Borkowski / Loretta) in Queen Sylwester kehrt zurück (2022) 
Sal Landi (as Joe Bonnano) in The Offer (2022) in episode "1" 
Orso Maria Guerrini (as Patriarca) in Das Netz - Power Play (2022) 
Doval'e Glickman (as Jackie Igelski) in Munich Games (2022) 
F. Murray Abraham (as 'Khonshu') in Moon Knight (2022) in 5 episodes 
Marshall R. Teague (as Richter Swanson) in Mo (2022) in episode "7" 
Pascal Greggory (as Gautier) in Irma Vep (2022) in 4 episodes 
Bart Klever (as Jan Greven) in The Crash (2022) 
Lutz Riedel - is/was dubbing voice of:
Timothy Dalton; Tom Wilkinson; Jonathan Pryce; Alec Baldwin; Udo Kier; Michele Placido; Richard Gere; Peter Coyote; Jeroen Krabbé; John C. McGinley; Sam Neill; Xander Berkeley; Chevy Chase; Bruce Davison; Bernard Giraudeau; George Hamilton; George Hamilton; Mark Harmon; Richard Hatch; Will Patton; William Sadler; Jay O. Sanders; Christopher Walken; Domingo Ambriz; Tomas Arana; Armand Assante; Scott Bakula; David Barrass; Richard Berry; Taurean Blancque; Mark Blum; Humphrey Bogart; Powers Boothe; Barry Bostwick; Bruce Boxleitner; Jean-Claude Brialy; Alex Briley; Timothy Busfield; Gabriel Byrne; Simon Cadell; Jim Carter; Kee Chan; Robert Christian; Jude Ciccolella; Dick Clark; Jeff Coopwood; Bill Couch; T. Wilkinson; Ben Cross; Marshall Cupp; Christopher Curry; Darrell D Silva; Robert Davi; Cliff De Young; André Dussollier; Paddi Edwards; Lutz Riedel; Rupert Everett; Frankie Faison; Joe Flaherty; Steve Fletcher; Cully Fredricksen; Bruce French; Spencer Garrett; Scott Glenn; Cliff Gorman; Gerrit Graham; Richard Green; Christopher Guest; Robert Guillaume; Bob Gunton; Garrick Hagon; T. Wilkinson; Terence Harvey; Edward Herrmann; Geoffrey Holder; Danny Huston; Steve Hytner; Samuel L. Jackson; Bob Jenkins; Rick Jones; John Kapelos; Robert Kim; Daamen J. Krall; Martin Lamotte; John Laughlin; Ron Leibman; Martyn Lewis; Thierry Lhermitte; Paul David Magid; Mike Marshall; Tom Mason; Malcolm McDowell; Michael McKean; Barry Newman; Ryan O Neal; Michael Pennington; Jacques Perrin; Yuri Petrov; Paul Picerni; Daniel Pilon; Daniel Prévost; Bill Pullman; Dennis Quaid; Harold Ramis; Corin Redgrave; Tom Wilkinson; Alan Rickman; Leon Rippy; Owen Roe; Mark Rolston; Charlie Rose; Lutz Riedel; Telal Saeed; Chris Sarandon; Ned Schmidtke; T. Wilkinson; Judson Ernie Scott; Keith Scott; Nestor Serrano; Tony Shalhoub; Hassani Shapi; T. Dalton; Alan Sheretz; Ron Silver; J.K. Simmons; Tom Skerritt; Sergio Smacchi; Dick Smothers; Jean Sorel; Richard Strange; David Suchet; Brad Sullivan; Damien Thomas; Hechter Ubarry; Pierre Vernier; Tom Wilkinson; Jon Voight; Daniel von Bargen; Jacques Weber; Ray Wise; Bill Wittman; Bruce A. Young; Michele Placido; Graco; Lakuku; Quizshow-Moderator; Ray Wise; Sam Anderson; T. Wilkinson; Teruhiko Aoi; Armand Assante; Xander Berkeley; Tim Curry; Timothy Dalton; Steve Gardner; Linal Haft; George Hamilton; Robert Lupone; Ian McShane; Ricardo Montalban; Michael Nader; Randolph Powell; Sy Richardson; Eric Schweig; Tom Wilkinson; Charles Shaughnessy; William Morgan Sheppard; Damien Thomas; Jon Voight;
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