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Film dubbing actors or actresses are generally actors who use their voices in order to dub foreign films or animated movies into the required language.

A well-known actor will be dubbed by the same voice actor of a country, due to his high recognition value. Due to this fact many voice-overs for advertisements are being spoken by film dubbing actors.

What do you for example think of prominent voices within the German film dubbing business such as Tobias Meister as Mister 24 or Thomas Fritsch who dubbed Russell Crowe perfectly in many movies.

Within the female film dubbing field Bettina Weiß is one of the voice actresses with a most impressive voice e.g. speaking Sandra Bullock in "Miss Undercover" films.

Do you know the German voice of Michael Douglas? Imagine someone else than Volker Brandt would dub him … 

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Shandra Schadt
German native speaker, voice-over actress, voice artist

Kaspar Eichel
German native speaker, voice of Dennis Hopper, voice actor for advertisements

Marion von Stengel
German native speaker, voice of Pamela Anderson, voice actress for advertisements

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