Anita Hopt

German native speaker Anita Hopt, voice actress for advertisements and film dubbing

Voice actor, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games, Singing, Cartoon voice
from 20 to 30 years
Main language:
Further languages:
Pitch of voice:
bright, fresh, light, mellow, multi-faceted, serious, soft, warm, youthful
Advertising, Radio, Documentary

Anita Hopt - Auditions

Anita Hopt - Advertising Turoa Rum
Anita Hopt - Advertisement Radio Niedersachsen
Anita Hopt - Commercial Rockradio
Anita Hopt - Advertisement Mix
Anita Hopt - Corporate video Hello Day App
Anita Hopt - Corporate video Cortal Consors Risikomanagement
Anita Hopt - Film dubbing Eleven Hours German with Spanish accent
Anita Hopt - Monologue German with French accent

Anita Hopt - Videos

Anita Hopt - Advertisement Mc Donalds
Anita Hopt - Commercial Schwarze Dose 28
Anita Hopt - Advertising Apollo Optik
Anita Hopt - Advertisement Turoa Rum


Actors training,
voice training with Dagmar Puchalla, Anette Goeres


Lufthansa, Sparkasse, Kinder Country, Kinder Bueno, Knorr, VIVA, Hamburg Mannheimer, Linda Apotheken, Vattenfall

Audio book/Audio drama:

"Sternenschweif", "Die größten Fälle von Scotland Yard", "NYP Dead- Medical Report 04", "Raumstation Alpha- Base - Die Romani", "Gabriel burns", " Sherlock Holmes: Das Verschwinden der Lady Carfax"

Film dubbing:

Christine Lakin (as June Phigg, the Nottie) in „The hottie and the nottie“,

Dominique Swaine (as Lori) in „Totally awesom,

Minka Kelly (as Autumn) in „500 days of summer“,

Hanna Hall (as Judith Meyers) in „Halloween 2007“,

Laura Carmichael (as Lady Edith Crawley) in "Downton Abbey",

(as Makiko) in "Wolverine" (2013),


Melissa Rauch
(as Bernadette) in „The big bang theory“,

Ibtissem Guerda
(as Aicha Djellai) in „Plus bella la vie“,

Bresha Webb (as Laverne St. John) in „Emergency room“,

Daniella Alonsa (as Lynn) in „Knight Rider“ (Staffel 1/ Folge 13),

(as Dr. Erica Loza) in „Without a trace“ (Staffel 7/ Folge 9),

Brittany Curran (as Chelsea) in „Hotel Zack & Cody“,

Thuliso Dingwall
(as Kenard) in „The wire“,

Vanessa Martinez (as Nellie Gamarro) in „Eleventh hour“ (Staffel 1/ Folge 13),

Mayko Nguyn
(as Jennifer Fawcett) in „The listener“ (Staffel 1/ Folge 9),

Melanie Merkosky (as Megan) in „Slings and arrows“,

Luciana Carro
(as Stephanie) in „Everwood“,

Amber Wallace (as Glenda) in „One tree hill“,

Tinsel Korey (as Martine) in „The guard“,

Elán Garfias
(as Ceviche) in „Chowder“,

(as Abigal) in "Hannibal" (2013)


Staatstheater Kassel, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Theater Kampnagel/Hamburg, Theaterschiff Bremen

Anita Hopt - is/was dubbing voice of:
Christine Lakin, Dominique Swain, Minka Kelly, Hanna Hall, Melissa Rauch, Ibtissem Guerda, Bresha Webb, Daniella Alonsa, Brittany Curran, Thuliso Dingwall, Vanessa Martinez, Mayko Nguyn, Melanie Merkosky, Luciana Carro, Amber Wallace, Tinsel Korey, Elán Garfias, Laura Carmichael
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