Reinhard Kuhnert

German native speaker Reinhard Kunert, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games, Singing
from 40 to 60 years
Main language:
Further languages:
Pitch of voice:
deep, deep, dynamic, moderate, multi-faceted, powerful, serious, warm
Film, TV, Advertising, Presentation, Radio, Documentary

Reinhard Kuhnert - Auditions

Reinhard Kuhnert - Commercial Tempo German
Reinhard Kuhnert - Advertising Berliner Bank
Reinhard Kuhnert - Advertisement broadcasting
Reinhard Kuhnert - Advertising Hiberian English UK
Reinhard Kuhnert - Corporate video energy
Reinhard Kuhnert - Documentary time
Reinhard Kuhnert - Documentary Mozart
Reinhard Kuhnert - Monologue satirical
Theaterhochschule and Literaturinstitut Leipzig, vocal training
Audio book / radio play:
The Uhtred Saga, The Elenium Trilogy, Freizeichen. Season 2, As Long as We Live, The Uhtred Saga 4, The Rome Series, Chief Inspector John Benthien, The Elenium Trilogy, Daisy Jones and The Six, The Rise of the Dragon, The Iron Duke.

Movies (selection)
Michael Caine (as Lord Boresh) in Medieval (2022) 
Bruce Davison (as Grant) in The Good Neighbor - Evil Lives Next Door (2022) 
David Strathairn (as Tom Milton) in The Song of the Crayfish (2022) 
Richard Schiff (as U.S. Secretary of State) in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) 
David Strathairn (as Pete) in Nightmare Alley (2021) 
Bruce Davison (as Roland) in The Manor (2021) 
Henry Winkler (as Uncle Joe) in The French Dispatch (2021) 
Michael Maloney (as Frankie West) in Belfast (2021) 
Malcolm Stewart (as Jim Holt) in Christmas at the Starlight Café (2020) 
Damon Jones (as Victor) in Superintelligence (2020) 
David Strathairn (as Dave) in Nomadland (2020) 
Ronald Cohen (as Rubin Litvak) in The Vigil - The Wake (2019) 
Clive Francis (as Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson) in Official Secrets (2019) 
Terence Stamp (as Malcolm Quince) in Murder Mystery (2019) 
David Strathairn (as Admiral William Stenz) in Godzilla II: King of the Monsters (2019) 
Bruce Davison (as Reginald Brookwater) in Christmas at the Plaza - In Love with New York (2019) 
Series (Selection)
Bob Bergen (as 'Lama Su') in Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021-) 
Peter Mackenzie (as Calvin Bloom) in Your Honor (2020-2023) in 1 episode 
Jeff Bennett (as 'Mortimer Mouse') in The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (2020) in episode "The Brave Little Squire" (season 1) 
Carlos Alazraqui (as 'Admiral Les Buenamigo') in Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020-) in 1 episode 
Keir Dullea (as Klaus Rhinehart) in Hunters (2020-2023) in 1 episode 
Peter Coyote (as Robert Mueller) in The Comey Rule (2020) 
Charles Dance (as Martin Benson) in The Widow (2019-) 
Victor Garber (as Samuel 'Sam' Garland) in Town Stories (2019) in 8 episodes 
Tim McInnerny (as Redmayne) in The Scandalous Affairs of Christine Keeler (2019-2020) in 4 episodes 
Igor Kostolevsky (as Alexandr) in Trigger (2018-) [synchro (2020-)] 
David Strathairn (as Semiyon Kleiman) in McMafia (2018-) 
Tony Amendola (as Mike Reo) in Training Day (2017) in 1 episode 
Victor Garber (as Admiral Halsey) in The Orville (2017-) in 3 episodes 
Jean-Marie Winling (as Alexandre) in In a Stranger's Body (2017) 
Performs solo recitals of his own songs and lyrics in Germany and abroad
Reinhard Kuhnert - is/was dubbing voice of:
Bernard Farcy; Peter Coyote; William H. Macy; David Strathairn; Bruce Davison; André Dussollier; Jim Broadbent; Pierce Brosnan; Christian Bujeau; Billy Connolly; Thierry Lhermitte; Kevin Spacey; Ray Baker; Xander Berkeley; Francois Berléand; Chevy Chase; Gary Cole; Pierre Curzi; Nick Dunning; Phillip Goodwin; John Kavanagh; Ted Levine; Tom Noonan; David Rasche; Stephen Rea; Phil Reeves; Ron Rifkin; Ben Stein; Daniel Stern; André Dussolier; Tim Ahern; Sam Anderson; David Andrews; Álex Angulo; Pierre Arditi; Carmen Argenziano; B. Farcy; Armand Assante; Jeff Atik; Jean-Pierre Bacri; Scott Bakula; David Barrass; Raymond J. Barry; Tom Bloom; Jacques Boudet; Jon Bourgeois; Kenneth Branagh; Steve Buscemi; Gabriel Byrne; Peter Coyote; James Cada; Anthony Calf; Bruce Campbell; Michael Chieffo; Richard Clifford; Kevin Cooney; Tom Courtenay; Robert Curtis-Brown; Charles Dance; Richard Dreyfuss; Antoine Duléry; Dale Dye; Avner Eisenberg; Lonnie Farmer; Lewis Fitz-Gerald; Bernard Farcy; Didier Flamand; Frederic Forrest; James Fox; J. E. Freeman; Sami Frey; Terry Gilliam; Roland Giraud; Henry Goodman; Richard E. Grant; Tim Grimm; Emilio Gutiérrez Caba; Anthony Heald; John Heard; Krister Henriksson; John Hills; William Hoyland; Jon Hurt; William Hurt; Jonathan Hyde; Zeljko Ivanek; Jon M. Jackson; Tommy Lee Jones; Robert Joy; Gérard Jugnot; Teddy Kempner; Robert Klein; Richart Kline; Joe La Due; Jim Lampley; Gérard Lanvin; Steve Lawrence; Bernard Le Coq; Jay Leno; Chete Lera; Barry Levinson; Robert Lindsay; Desmond Llewelyn; Lennie Loftin; Robert Long; Morton Lowry; Peter Coyote; Richart Lynch; Philippe Magnan; Patrick Malahide; Thom Mardirosian; Ged Marlon; Vin Martin; Michael Massee; Shigeharu Matsuda; B. Farcy; Christopher McDonald; Malcolm McDowell; Ian McElhinney; Nicholas Mele; Larry Miller; Viggo Mortensen; Brian Munn; Michael Nouri; B. Farcy; Afemo Omilami; Jerry Orbach; Jack Palance; Jon Bennett Perry; Anthony Phelan; Ronald Reagan; Robin Renucci; Stephen Rhea; Ian Richardson; David Roberts; J. Roselius; Richard Roxburgh; Saul Rubinek; Tim Russell; Mattia Sbragia; Paolo Maria Scalondro; Richart Schiff; Klaus Schindler; Garry Shandling; Sam Shepard; J.K. Simmons; Guy Siner; Stellan Skarsgard; Bernard Farcy; Scott Sowers; Joe Spano; Colin Stinton; Franchot Tone; Shaun Toub; Lee van Cleef; Luis Varela; Giuseppe Varetto; Rob Vaughn; Bernard Farcy; Tom Verica; Jacques Villeret; John Waters; Kenneth Welsh; Jonathan Whittaker; Peter Coyote; Fred Willard; Paul Willson; André Wilms; Scott Wilson; Martin Wimbush; Henry Winkler; Ray Winstone; James Woods; Jeremy Zimmerman; David Clennon; Peter Coyote; Bruce Davison; Victor Garber; John Terry; Russ Abbot; Tom Amandes; Tony Amendola; Malcolm Armstrong; Vaughn Armstrong; Raymond J. Barry; Ed Begley Jr.; Bruce Boxleitner; R. Kuhnert; Dan Butler; Dan Castellaneta; Hector Elizondo; Michael Ensign; Jon Fleck; Peter Coyote; Rob Foxworth; Boyd Gaines; Alex Jennings; Larry King; Bernie Kopell; Richard McGonagle; Stephen McHattie; Patton Oswalt; Nicholas Pryor; Martin Sheen; Joe Spano; Bernard Farcy; Werner Stocker; Adrien Truss; Steven Williams;
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