Thomas Kästner

German native speaker Thomas Kästner, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 50 to 65 years
Main language:
Further languages:
Hungarian, Polish, Russian
Berlin, North German, Saxony
Pitch of voice:
deep, multi-faceted, powerful, striking, very manly, very striking, warm
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary

Thomas Kästner - Auditions

Thomas Kästner - Commercial Jim Beam German
Thomas Kästner - Corporate video Allfinanz
Thomas Kästner - Report Wirtschaftswunder
Thomas Kästner - Audio book
Thomas Kästner - Reading objective
Thomas Kästner - Reading Lexicon
Thomas Kästner - Reading swear word dictionary
Thomas Kästner - Lyric Edgar Allan Poe
Acting training Berlin with stage maturity exam
Audio book / radio play:
Jan Tenner - The New Superhero (episodes 11-17, 19, 22), Professor van Dusen - The New Cases 28, Sherlock Holmes Chronicles 68, Sherlock Holmes - The Old Cases [Reloaded] (episodes 2, 55), The Stargate - With Commander Perkins and Major Hoffmann (episodes 1, 7- 9), The Carparthian Castle, Faith - The Van Helsing Chronicles (episodes 40, 41), Rune Summoning
Stadttheater Bautzen, Staatstheater Schwerin, Städtische Bühnen Mgdeburg, Friedrich-Wolf-Theater Neustrehlitz, Landesbühnen Sachsen Dresden, Kabarett Herkuleskeule Dresden, Kabarett Die Kugelblitze Magdeburg, Kabarett Die Oderhähne Frankfurt / Oder, Stachelschweine Berlin.
Films (selection)
Glynn Sweet (as Brian Conway) in A Tourist's Guide to Love (2023) 
Roger Allam (as Robert Maxwell) in Tetris (2023) 
Christopher Sommers (as Arthur Tanner (Goblin)) in The Portable Door (2023) 
Corrado Taranto (as Don Mario) in Mixed by Erry (2023) 
Bobby Stewart (as Dr. Terrence) in Mercy (2023) 
Dermot Crowley (as Martin Schenk) in Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023) 
Richard Bekins (as Principal Fitzroy) in Times of Change (2022) 
Dermot Crowley (as Sir Otway) in The Miracle (2022) 
as Shipowner in War Sailor (2022) 
Ståle Bjørnhaug (as Lars Brodin) in Viking Wolf (2022) 
as Gary in The Stranger (2022) 
Series (selection)
F. Murray Abraham (as Judge John Sirica) in White House Plumbers (2023) in episode "4" 
Lance Henriksen (as Crowley) in Rabbit Hole (2023) in 2 episodes 
John Getz (as Dr. Edelstein) in The Last of Us (2023-) in 2 episodes 
Mugihito (as 'Chief') in Hell's Paradise (2023-) in 5 episodes 
Tom Wilkinson (as Gerald) in All or Nothing: The Series (2023) in episode "1-4, 6, 8" (season 1) 
Geoff Pierson (as Bill Sr.) in Fire in the Sky (2023-) in episode "1-4, 6-8" (season 1) 
Juan Carlos Cantu (as Frank Florez) in The Consultant (2023) in episode "5" 
Daniel Fathers (as Osfar) in The Witcher: Origin of Blood (2022) in episode "1" 
Ugur Yücel (as Olcay Uysal) in The Uysals (2022) 
Torrey Hanson (as Gordie) in Shining Girls (2022-) in 1 episode 
Thomas Kästner - is/was dubbing voice of:
William B. Davis; Christian Andrews; Roger Dunn; Paul Linke; Larry Manetti; Todd Susman; William B. Davis; Pernell Roberts; Christian Andrews; Alan Dale; Larry David; Brain Dobson; Paul Dobson; Harrison Page; Garwin Sanford; Geoff Stevenson; Christian Andrews; John Wayne; Ed Winter;
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