Norbert Langer

German native speaker Nobert Langer, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Norbert Langer - Hawaii, Ferrari … and Higgins

Tom Selleck as „Magnum“ or in his movies ... Norbert Langer`s voice is inseparably connected with the actor. Further highlights of Norbert Langer`s work: Burt Reynolds, Clark Gable, Alain Delon, Robert Duvall, Jeff Bridges, Graham Chapman and Franco Nero. Norbert Langer is every where and of course you can book him with Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG. Just listen to some of the voice samples and confince yourselfe that most areas in the business are covered perfectly by him.

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 40 to 55 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
deep, dynamic, multi-faceted, serious, striking, very striking, warm
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary, Station-Voice

Norbert Langer - Auditions

Norbert Langer - Presentation Norbert Langer German
Norbert Langer - Corporate video Roche Accuceck
Norbert Langer - Speech birthday Magnum
Norbert Langer - Report VR Gewinnspargemeinschaft
Norbert Langer - Report Sport Krefeld
Norbert Langer - Trailer Turbulenzen und andere Katastrophen
Norbert Langer - Reading Regensburg
Norberg Langer - Reading Drachenmann
Acting training Hamburg Acting Studio by Hildburg Frese
Audio book / radio play:
NYPDead - Medical Report, Geisterstunde - Das phantastische Hörspiel, The Greatest Cases of Scotland Yard, The Young Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes & Co, Sherlock Holmes - Special Investigator of the Crown, MindNapping , Dark Trace, The Magic Amulet - The Adventures of Brenda Logan
Movies (selection)
As the narrator in Christopher Robin (2018) 
Antonio Tentori (as Antonio Tentori) in They Called Him Spencer (2017). 
Luciano De Crescenzo (as Luciano De Crescenzo) in They Called Him Spencer (2017) 
Burt Reynolds (as Vic Edwards) in The Last Movie Star (2017) 
Burt Reynolds (as Charlie) in Apple of My Eye - Guardian Angels Don't Need Wings (2017) 
Burt Reynolds (as Seagrass Lambert) in Hollow Creek - Village of the Damned (2016) 
Tom Selleck (as Jesse Stone) in Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015) 
Gary Sinise (as 'Narrator at the Smithsonian Museum') in The Return of the First Avenger (2014) 
Ben Daniels (as Lt. Col. Howfield) in The Wipers Times (2013) [synchro (2016)] 
David Brandon (as Dr. Brook) in Neverlake (2013) 
Series (Selection)
Keith Morrison (as Keith Morrison) in The Thing About Pam (2022) in 6 episodes. 
Adrian Lukis (as General Auchinleck) in SAS Rogue Heroes (2022-2024) in episode "2-4, 6" 
George Takei (as 'George Takei') in Scooby-Doo and Who Are You? (2019-) in episode "17" (season 1) 
Jacek Koman (as Gideon Pozniak) in Seven Sides of Truth (2017) 
Timothy Omundson (as God Johnson) in Lucifer (2016-2021) in 1 episode 
John Nettles (as Ray Penvenen) in Poldark (2015-2019) in 9 episodes 
William Gaminara (as Samuel Harrogate) in Father Brown (2013-) in 1 episode 
Stephen Collins (as Phillipe Delatour) in Devious Maids (2013-2016) in episode "6, 7, 10-13" (season 1) 
Masashi Sugawara (as 'George Joestar I.') in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012-2013) [synchro (2021)] 
James Morrison (as Jerome Jensen) in Suits (2011-2019) in episode "Identity Crisis (1x08)" (season 1) 
James Morrison (as Gordon Murphy) in Revenge (2011-2015) in episode "19, 21, 22; 1, 2, 3 & 6" (season 1; 2) 
Jeff Fahey (as Elder Bowden) in Grimm (2011-2017) in episode "19" (season 4) 
Station Voice: Travel Magazine Cloudless (VOX).
Norbert Langer - is/was dubbing voice of:
Tom Selleck; Burt Reynolds; Clark Gable; Alain Delon; Robert Duvall; Jeff Bridges; Charles Grodin; Sean Bean; David Carradine; Jean-Louis Trintignant; Amidou; Graham Chapman; Mac Davis; William Devane; Cary Grant; Anthony Higgins; Franco Nero; Tim Pigott-Smith; Chris Sarandon; Peter Strauss; Walter Abel; Walter Abel; Alan Arkin; Frank Ashmore; Gerry Bamman; Victor Banerjee; Jackie Basehart; Herv� Bellon; Xander Berkeley; Steven Berkoff; Corbin Bernsen; Ken Berry; Richard Berry; Don Billett; Joseph Bologna; Eric Braeden; David Brandon; Michael Brandon; Beau Bridges; James Brolin; Niall Buggy; Dan Butler; Michael Byrne; J. Caan; Antonio Cantafora; Bob Carraway; Kenneth Colley; J. Cranna; Michel Creton; Timothy Dalton; Lane Davies; Constantin De Goguel; Derrick de Marney; Jimmy Dean; Burr DeBenning; Patrick Dewaere; Dennis Dugan; Sky Dumont; P. Egan; T. Selleck; Cary Elwes; David Emge; M. Ensign; D. Farrar; Jon Finch; Robert Foxworth; Hugh Fraser; Sami Frey; Claude Giraud; P. M. Goetz; Jeff Goldblum; Daniel Greene; T. Selleck; Paul Guilfoyle; Gene Hackman; Johnny Hallyday; Raymond Hardy; Ted Hartley; Phil Hartman; Rutger Hauer; D. Hedison; T. Helmore; Edward Herrmann; Dustin Hoffman; Lee Horsley; Steve Inwood; Christopher Jones; T. Selleck; Udo Kier; Martin Lamotte; Frank Langella; Chi-Wing Lau; Bernard Le Coq; Bruce Lee; Philippe L�otard; Thierry Lhermitte; John Lithgow; Guy Marchand; Herbert Marshall; Roddy McDowall; Norbert Langer; Gerald R. Molen; Nanni Moretti; Martin Mull; Christopher Muncke; M. Murphy; T. Selleck; D. Naughton; Liam Neeson; Sam Neill; Jack Nicholson; Bill Nighy; Gavan O Herlihy; Terry O Quinn; Sir Laurence Olivier; Andrew Prine; Tony Randall; John Ratzenberger; James Rebhorn; Christopher Reeve; Paul Rhys; Tony Roberts; Andrew Robinson; Mickey Rourke; Robin Sachs; John Saxon; T. Selleck; Martin Sheen; Henry Silva; J. Sloyan; Josef Sommer; Bernd Stephan; Matt Stone; Greg Travis; Barry van Dyke; Bob Wall; J. T. Walsh; Tracey Walter; Thorley Walters; Patrick Wayne; Jacques Weber; Robin Williams; George Wyner; Robin Hood; Tom Selleck; Goro; Kuseruku; James Morrison; Erick Avari; Tony Lo Bianco; Charles Brown; John Cleese; Alex Colon; Jim Dale; Anthony De Longis; Norbert Langer; Michael Donovan; Murphy Dunne; T. Selleck; Robert Duvall; Mike Farrell; Norbert Langer; Michael Goodwin; Bj�rn Granath; P. Graves; Richard Hatch; Keith Hernandez; Stanley Kamel; T. Kane; Noah Keen; Bernie Kopell; Michael Landon; Adalberto Maria Merli; Rick Moses; Kevin Nealon; J. Nettles; Nick Nolte; Terry O Quinn; Richard Romanus; Daniel Stern; George Takei; Robin Thomas; Simon Williams; Peter Yunker;
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