Beate Menner

German native speaker Beate Menner, voice actress for advertisements

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Computer games
from 45 to 60 years
Main language:
Further languages:
English, French
Berlin, Saxony
Pitch of voice:
light, mellow, multi-faceted, slight, soft, striking
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary

Beate Menner - Auditions

Beate Menner - Comercial Principal Secret German
Beate Menner - Advice European Invasion
Beate Menner - Advice GĂĽnter Pfitzmann
Beate Menner - Advice dreamings

Fritz Kirchhoff School of Acting (Berlin)

Infomercial Principal Secret

Film / TV:
Otto (The New Film), A.S. (Breathless Love), Wolff's Precinct

Landestheater Detmold, Forum- Theater Berlin, Schiller Theater Berlin

Movies (selection)
Kate Burton (as Mrs. Letham) in Stay (2005)
Victoria Principal (as Leila Parker) in Michael Kael - Live from Katango (1998)
Victoria Principal (as Maggie) in In Love with a Younger Man (1997)
Mary Tyler Moore (as Jessica) in Forgotten Terrors (1996)
Mary McDonnell (as First Lady Marilyn Whitmore) in Independence Day (1996)
Judith Light (as Lisa McKeever) in Decision for Love (1996)
Victoria Principal (as Anna Forbes) in Believe Me! (1995)
Victoria Principal (as Eleanor DiCarlo) in Appointment to Murder (1994)
Susan Anspach (as Deborah Nelson) in Cagney & Lacey - Deadly Caviar (1994)
Terri Hanauer (as Mrs. Lily Dorn) in Blondes Don't Kiss (1993)
Victoria Principal (as Maggie Keene) in Breathless Escape (1993)

Series (selection)
Victoria Principal (as Gwen Williams) in Titans - Dynasty of Intrigue (2000-2001)
Victoria Principal (as Cecilia Barrett) in Jack & Jill (1999-2001) [synchro (2004)] in episode "1" (season 1)
Victoria Principal (as 'Pamela Ewing') in Family Guy (1999-) [synchro (2002-)] in episode "The Last Bang" (season 2)
Victoria Principal (as Roberta) in Just Shoot Me - Editors Snapped (1997-2003) in episode "Love in the Air" (season 4)
Carol Locatell (as Judge Henrietta Fullem) in Ally McBeal (1997-2002) in 1 episode
Victoria Principal (as Victoria Principal) in Chicago Hope - End of the Line (1994-2000) in episode "8" (season 5)
Sarah Douglas (as Kiki Bluet) in Tarzan (1991-1994) in episode "Deadly Beauty" (season 2)
Victoria Principal (as Les Thompson) in Hör' mal, wer da hämmert (1991-1999) [2nd synchro (RTL)] in episode "Verschaukelt" (season 3)
Abigail van Alyn (as Marge Elston) in The Nighthawk (1988-1991) in episode "Hank's Big Love" (season 1)
Crista Moore (as Christina Tell) in The Nighthawk (1988-1991) in episode "The Lord with the White Vest" (season 1)
Wendy Phillips (as Mrs. Campbell) in Matlock (1986-1995) in episode "And Nothing But the Truth" (season 1)
Marilyn McIntyre (as Ginny Wright) in Matlock (1986-1995) in episode "In the Name of the People" (season 5)
Jeannetta Arnette (as Francine) in Trio with Four Fists (1984-1986) in episode "On the Dog" (season 2)

Other: Program presenter: at Sender freies Berlin (ARD), live presentation on and off air, copywriting of trailers and station voice of the station

Beate Menner - is/was dubbing voice of:
Mary McDonnell; Victoria Principal; Laura Antonelli; Sarah Miles; Brigitte Catillon; Marsha Hunt; Akiko Kazami; Ingrid Boulting; Elena Solovej; Loraine Despres; Donna Goodhand; Vivean Gray; Mary McDonnell; Joan Allen; Mary Tyler Moore; Victoria Principal; Jodi Carlisle; Judith Light;
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