Holger Löwenberg

German native speaker Holger Löwenberg, voice-over artist for advertisements, audio books and film dubbing

Voice actor, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Singing
from 35 to 55 years
Main language:
Further languages:
Pitch of voice:
dark, deep, mature, powerful, serious, smoky, striking, very striking, voluminous
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary

Holger Löwenberg - Auditions

Holger Löwenberg - Advertisement Walking Dead season 11
Holger Löwenberg - Advertising Fury in the Slaughterhouse
Holger Löwenberg - Commercial Fast & Furious 10
Holger Löwenberg - Commercial Becks Funk Gold offensive
Holger Löwenberg - Advertising Build A Bear Workshop
Holger Löwenberg - Advertisement Entschuldigung Radiozentrale
Holger Löwenberg - Advertisement VW Crafter English
Holger Löwenberg - Explainer film BAföG
Holger Löwenberg - Lesung das Parfüm
Holger Löwenberg - Singing Corcovado Jazz English
Popular music contact course (HFBK Hamburg), private acting lessons.
Mercedes, Deka Investment, Leibnitz, Jever, Allianz, Frankfurter Rundschau, Danone, Die Zeit, Ferrero, Haspa, Geo, Seat, Ehrmann, Thyssen, Casio, TUI, Epson, BMW, Becks, Smart, Sega, Onko, Audi TT, Hamburger Sparkasse, Otto, Nivea, Tschibo, Allianz, Vodafon, Citroen.
The Star Wars of the Maya (NDR), The Opera of the Tsunami (WDR), J.Roland 80.Geb. (NDR), History of the German Heimatfilm (HR).
Image film:
Matrix - reloaded Ring, Ray
Audio book / radio play:
Tony Ballard (several episodes), Murder in Series (several episodes), Dr. Morbius (several episodes), Morgan & Bailey 8, Arcadia Burns, Planet Eden (several episodes), Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. The original radio play for the TV series, Marvi Hammers, Noggin the Nogg, The Secret Book of Magic, The Adventurous World of Pirates.
Theater Hildesheim, Stadthalle, Theater Hamburg. 
Oleg Taktarov (as Train Igor) in The Machine (2023) 
Colin Salmon (as 'William Wintergreen') in Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons (2020) 
Matthew T. Metzler (as Richard) in Acts of Violence (2018) 
Junpei Morita (as 'Pain') in The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014) 
Peter Bryant (as Ralph) in The Package - Killers Game (2013) 
Thomas Lindblad (as Magge Lundin) in Damnation (2009) 
Danny Trejo (as Mario) in La Linea - The Line (2009) 
Series (selection)
Walter Platz (as Governor Johnson) in Yellowstone (2018-) [synchro (2020-)] in 1 episode 
Ryuuzaburou Ootomo (as 'Juubee Toudou') in Princess Principal (2017) [synchro (2019)] in episode "05" 
Adrian Smith (as 'Doomwave') in Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017-2018) in episode "4" (season 2) 
Shinpachi Tsuji (as 'Host') in Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (2014) in episode "01" 
Binbin Takaoka (as 'Pirate') in Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (2014) in episode "04" 
Brian Tyree Henry (as Larkin) in The Knick (2014-2015) in episode "Syphilis" (season 1) 
Daichi Endou (as 'Jirou Marshall') in The Irregular at Magic High School (2014) in episode "20-21" 
Thomas Lindblad (as Magge Lundin) in Stieg Larsson: Millennium (2010) [director's cut] in episode "4" 
Naoki Tamanoi (as 'A (3rd generation Raikage) (2nd voice)') in Naruto Shippuden (2007-2017) in episode "282" (season 13) 
Kengo Kawanishi (as 'Tobirama Senju (child)') in Naruto Shippuden (2007-2017) in season 17 
Kenyuu Horiuchi (as 'Tobirama Senju (2nd generation Hokage) (3rd voice)') in Naruto Shippuden (2007-2017) 
Kenyuu Horiuchi (as 'Pain (2nd voice)') in Naruto Shippuden (2007-2017) in episode "80-83; from 157" (season 4; from 8) 
Kousuke Gotou (as 'Heiji') in Naruto Shippuden (2007-2017) 
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