Torsten Sense

German native speaker Torsten Sense, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 30 to 55 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
fresh, moderate, youthful
Film, TV, Advertising, Radio, Documentary

Torsten Sense - Auditions

Torsten Sense - Commercial
Torsten Sense - Advertising Mega
Torsten Sense - Werbefilmpreis Siri
Torsten Sense - Werbefilmpreis welcome
Torsten Sense - Image film
Torsten Sense - Dialogical sketch
Torsten Sense - Film dubbing Titanic
Torsten Sense - Film dubbing Tony Ballard
Torsten Sense - Audio book Flight 2039
Torsten Sense - Audio book Simulant
Acting training with Prof. Marlise Ludwig
Jacobs, Land Rover, simpliTV
Image film:
Beck's, Bergfürst, Lactalis
Audio book / radio play:
Captain Future - The Triumph, Island Thriller, Jurassic Park. The original audio play for the movie, Sherlock Holmes Chronicles, The Black Eye, Edgar Wallace solves the case, Jurassic World. The Original Radio Drama to the Motion Picture, Forests of Darkness, The Three ???
Jurassic World Evolution 2, Jurassic World Evolution.
Film / TV:
Rollercoaster (TV series), Praxis Bülowbogen, Durchreise - The story of a company, Raviloli
Schiller Theater, Tribüne Berlin, Vaganten Bühne, Junges Theater
Movies (selection)
Val Kilmer (as Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky) in Top Gun: Maverick (2022) 
BD Wong (as Dr. Henry Wu) in Jurassic World: A New Age (2022) 
Jun'ichi Suwabe (as 'Archer / EMIYA') in Fate/stay Night: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song (2020) 
Jun'ichi Suwabe (as 'Archer / EMIYA') in Fate/stay Night: Heaven's Feel - II. Lost Butterfly (2019) 
Stephen Bogaert (as Alvin Marsh) in It - Chapter 2 (2019) 
Tooth McClarnon (as Crow Daddy) in Doctor Sleep's Awakening (2019) 
BD Wong (as Dr. Henry Wu) in Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom (2018) 
BD Wong (as Greg) in Bird Box - Close Your Eyes (2018) 
John Salley (as Tyson Edwards) in Old Braids (2018) 
Val Kilmer (as Walter) in The Super (2017) [synchro (2019)] 
Val Kilmer (as Rafto) in Snowman (2017) 
Jun'ichi Suwabe (as 'Archer / EMIYA') in Fate/stay Night: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower (2017) 
Stephen Bogaert (as Alvin Marsh) in It - Chapter 1 (2017) 
Myung-min Kim (as Kim Joon-young) in A Day (2017) 
Series (Selection)
Vincent Tong (as 'Dr. Henry Wu') in LEGO Jurassic World: The Legend of Nublar Island (2019-) 
Jun Naito (as Tana Fujimora) in Z: The Beginning of Everything (2017) in 2 episodes 
BD Wong (as 'Dr. Henry Wu') in LEGO Jurassic World: Indominus Rex Breaks Out (2016) 
Masahiko Tanaka (as 'Grigori Rasputin') in Drifters (2016) 
Andrew Bone (as a distillery owner) in The Royals (2015-2018) in episode "Sweet, Not Permanent" (season 1) 
B.J. Winfrey (as Shaft guard) in Powers (2015-2016) in 1 episode 
Tesshou Genda (as 'Metal Knight') in One Punch Man (2015/2019) in episode "07, 12" 
Tooru Ookawa (as 'Kaori's father') in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Seconds in a Minor Key (2014-2015) in episode "11-12, 19, 22" 
Jason Flemyng (as Vadim) in The Musketeers (2014-2016) in episode "The Assassination" (season 1) 
Zane Holtz (as Richie Gecko) in From Dusk Till Dawn (2014-2016) [1st sync.] 
Jun'ichi Suwabe (as 'Archer / EMIYA') in Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014-2015) 
Langley Kirkwood (as Captain Bryson) in Black Sails (2014-2017) in 3 episodes. 
Musician, freelance composer, actor.
Entry for the "Deutscher Werbefilmpreis 2022" (German Advertising Film Award 2022)
Torsten Sense - is/was dubbing voice of:
Val Kilmer; Kevin Bacon; Rob Lowe; Kyle MacLachlan; John Cusack; Andrew McCarthy; Elias Koteas; Tim Roth; Billy Zane; Fernando Allende; Alan Arkin; William Baldwin; Christian Bale; Lucas Belvaux; Michael Bowen; Steve Buscemi; Nicolas Cage; Cris Campion; Jim Carrey; David Caruso; Morris Chestnut; Dennis Christopher; Anthony Clark; Richard Clifford; Tom Cruise; Lou Diamond Phillips; Matt Dillon; Kevin Bacon; David Duchovny; Anthony Edwards; Joseph Fiennes; Jason Flemyng; Peter Frechette; Stephen Garlick; Leo Geter; Tony Goldwyn; Richard E. Grant; Thomas Ian Griffith; Jackie Earl Haley; Rhys Ifans; Neal Jones; Chua Kah Joo; Denis Leary; Heath Ledger; John Leguizamo; Thierry Lhermitte; Ralph Macchio; Val Kilmer; Laurent Malet; Chris McCarty; Scott McGinnis; Michael Moriarty; Vince Murdocco; Nathaniel Parker; Jason Patric; Mark Pellegrino; Vincent Perez; Kevin Bacon; River Phoenix; Keanu Reeves; Clayton Rohner; Robert Romanus; Alan Ruck; Eric Schweig; Campbell Scott; James Spader; Dylan Walsh; James Waterston; Alex Winter; B.D. Wong; Jeff Yagher; Christopher Atkins; Jack Coleman; Al Corley; Robin A. Downes; Arye Gross; Rob Lowe; Kevin Bacon; Kyle MacLachlan; D.W. Moffett; Val Kilmer; Lewis Smith; K. Bacon; W.K. Stratton
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