Tina Haseney

German native speaker Tina Haseney, voice actress for advertisements and film dubbing

Voice actor, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama
from 20 to 35 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
dynamic, fresh, light, moderate, multi-faceted, slight, soft, warm
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary, Station-Voice

Tina Haseney - Auditions

Tina Haseney - Advertisement Steinecke
Tina Haseney - Portfolio Mikrokredit
Tina Haseney - Voice over Wildfremd
Tina Haseney - Audio drama Dramolett Deine Welt sind die Berge
Tina Haseney - Film dubbing Augustinus 2
Tina Haseney - Film dubbin Blue Dragon Zora
Tina Haseney - Telephone infomation service
Bern University of the Arts (Switzerland)
Brotmeisterei Steinecke, Zalando, Vöslauer, Sprite, Steinecke, VW, Parship
Image film: 
Bolivia (commentary / Deutsche Welle), MTV Music Awards, Wildfremd (voiceover / Deutsche Welle), Berlinale "Generation", bauhausWORLD (commentary / Deutsche Welle), climate change in Peru (voiceover / SRF2)
Audio book / radio play: 
The Greatest Cases of Scotland Yard (several episodes), The Metamorphosis, Heidi, Vampira (several episodes), Moor Sisters (Navigator), The Elimination, Skyscraper, Dramolett
MTV Europe Music Awards, Radio Fritz, RBB
Film / TV:
Doktor Ballouz (ZDF), Leichtmatrosen - Drei Mann in einem Boot (ARD), Katharsis (short film), Neubeginn, Die Überflüssigen (ZDF), Zauber des Regenbogens (ARD), Sebastian, Die Rettungsflieger (ZDF), Eden, Risk, Gelegenheiten (cinema), Ein Unmöglicher Lehrer (ZDF), Vom Mörder und seiner Frau (ZDF), Inge, April und Mai (cinema)
Volksbühne Berlin, Heimathafen Neuköln, Mehringhoftheater, Freilichtspiele Chur Switzerland, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Freies Theater Maria Switzerland
Movies (selection)
Nahana (as Keiko Sakumoto) in In Love and Deep Water (2023) 
Danica Curcic (as Regitze) in Camino (2023) 
Nikkita Chadha (as Emi) in Into the Deep - Dark Secret (2022) 
Lauren Goetz (as Susan Miller) in The Clockwork Killings (2022) 
Hazel Venzon (as Helen) in Christmas at the Starlight Café (2020) 
Sara Sohn (as Nurse) in Run - You Can't Escape Her (2020) 
Nobuko Sendo (as 'Sachi Miyamasu') in Over the Sky (2020) [Synchro (2023)] 
Betty Gilpin (as Nina Spencer) in The Grudge (2020) 
Geetanjali Kulkarni (as 'Flower Woman') in Bombay Rose (2020) 
Elana Dunkelman (as a human resources manager) in Rule of 3 (2019) 
Julie Nathanson (as 'Natalie Boyd') in Searching (2018) 
Sara Viktoria Bjerregaard (as Inger) in Per im Glück (2018) 
Jenna Laurenzo (as Fran Venere) in Green Book - A Special Friendship (2018) 
Emilie Deletrez (as Mother) in The Splendor of the Invisible (2018) 
Sarah Greene (as Ellie) in Black 47 (2018) 
Series (selection)
Myung-joo Kang (as Mi-seon) in A Time Called You (2023) in episode "6 & 9" 
Rachael Crawford (as Shayna) in The Horror of Dolores Roach (2023) in episode "6" (season 1) 
Carrie Barrett (as Dr. Woods) in The Big Door Prize (2023) in episode "9" 
Aysha Kala (as Amina) in The Undeclared War (2022) in 3 episodes 
Phoebe Sparrow (as Mary Sparkes) in Sister Boniface Mysteries (2022-) in episode "5" (season 1) 
Yoo-jin Hong (as Ki Han-na's mother) in Rookie Cops (2022) 
Barbara Guerra (as Cristina Davas) in Musical: Off to the Spotlight! (2022-) 
Lily Beau Conway (as Sasha) in The Light in the Hall (2022) in episode "1, 2, 6" (season 1) 
Shannon Lucio (as May) in Kindred: Connected (2022) in episode "7" 
Erika Coleman (as Florence Schaffner / flight attendant) in Loki (2021-) in 1 episode 
Yin Chang (as Nelly Yuki) in Gossip Girl (2021-2023) in episode "5; 6" (season 1; 2) 
Diana Kaarina (as 'Mama (1st voice)') in Sternenstreif (2020-) in season 1-2 
Kristin Brock (as Wendi Tyler) in Stargirl (2020-2022) in 2 episodes 
Rachel Kimsey (as 'Robber') in Spirit: Wild and Free - Riding Academy (2020-) 
Amy Stewart (as Dr. Caroline Nevins) in Grand Army (2020-) in 3 episodes 
Markie Farnsley (as Heidi) in Brews Brothers (2020-) in episode "7" (season 1) 
Shruti Bapna (as Natasha Garewal) in Breathe: Into the Shadows (2020-2022) in episode "3-6 & 12" (season 1) 

Phone announcement: IBB
Cinema info voice for GRETA and STARKS
Tina Haseney - is/was dubbing voice of:
Antonia Bernath; Lia Cotti; Kandyse McClure; Romi Park; Serena Rossi; Julia Stiles; Mekdes Wegene; Masumi Asano; Annika Boras; Dorian Brown; Kether Donahue; Daniella Evangelista; Morgan Griffin; Daphne Groot; Megan Hilty; Seika Hosokawa; Yuko Kagata; Shauna Macdonald; Kattia Ortiz; Romi Park; Lindsey Ravage; Amy Sloan; Yumi Takada; Alicia Ziegler;
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