Boris Tessmann

German native speaker Boris Tessmann, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 30 to 45 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
dark, deep, dynamic, fresh, light, moderate, multi-faceted, striking, voluminous, warm
Film, TV, Advertising, Radio, Documentary

Boris Tessmann - Auditions

Boris Tessmann - Commercial Loreal
Boris Tessmann - Documentary
Boris Tessmann - Audio book

Acting school with the degree

L'Oréal Men, Neo 1, Dermasence, Elvital

Image film:
Caritas, FM Office Furniture

Audio book / radio play:

Faith - The Van Helsing Chronicles (several episodes), John Sinclair Edition 2000, TKKG, Macabros, Lady Bedfort

Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs, Jack Keane, Army of Two, Lands of Lore (1 & 3), Kingdom Hearts I & II

Film / TV:
Tatort, Fortstinspektor Buchholz, Großstadtrevier

Movies ( selection)
Thomas Arnold (as 'Control') in Heart of Stone (2023)
Matt Moody (as Instructor #1) in Freelance (2023)
Felipe Andrés Echavarría (as Scott) in Freelance (2023)
Jackie Earle Haley (as Sheriff Rogers) in Devil's Peak (2023)
Claudio Del Falco (as Ryder) in Assassin Club (2023)
Gregory Sims (as Powell) in Ambush - Battlefield Vietnam (2023)
Patrick Dempsey (as Robert (language)) in Cursed Again (2022)
Sam Trammell (as Robert Horton Sr.) in The Tiger Rising (2022)
Ric Reitz (as Commissioner Clarke) in The System (2022)
Brian Hull (as 'Guy Hilton') in Marmaduke (2022)
Kevin Dillon (as Conner Connolly) in A Day to Die (2022)
Édgar Vittorino (as Carlos) in Centauro (2022)
Jaime Zatarain (as Álvaro) in Sky High (2021)
Currie Graham (as Burchman) in Born a Champion (2021)
Jerry O'Connell (as Jeffrey Blackmore) in The LmaA List (2020)
Matthew Glave (as Coach Bowden) in Brother's Heart (2020)

Series ( selection)
Jaime Zatarain (as Álvaro) in Sky High: The Series (2023) in episode "2"
Fran Cantos (as Teacher) in Every Time We Fell in Love (2023) in episode "8"
Yuu Wakabayashi (as 'Rokurota's father') in Hell's Paradise (2023-) in 1 episode
Douglas Hodge (as Hendricks) in Extrapolations (2023) in 1 episode
Jason Isaacs (as 'Jack Lamb') in The Crowded Room (2023) in episode "4" (season 1)
Ibrahim Celikkol (as Kenan) in The Bird and the Lioness (2022-)
Stephen Hogan (as Ealdorman Sigeferth of Wessex) in Vikings: Valhalla (2022-) in 1 episode
Danila Kozlovsky (as Lord Anton Melnikov) in Treason (2022)
Dominic West (as Dudley Wrangel Clarke) in SAS Rogue Heroes (2022-2024) in episode "2-4, 6"
Max Beesley (as Paul Haynes) in Midwich Cuckoos - The Village of the Damned (2022) in 7 episodes
Stephen Hogan (as Jasper Henderson) in Harry Wild - Murder Hunt in Dublin (2022-) in episode "1" (season 1)
Dan Stevens (as Alo Glo Mann) in Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities (2022) in episode "4"
Sebastian Roché (as Roland) in Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities (2022) in episode "1"
Saad Siddiqui (as Dr. Atluri) in From Scratch (2022) in episode "4-7"
Michael Fabricius Sand (as Dr. Lars) in Fertilized (2022) in episode "6"
Alastair Mackenzie (as Perrin Fertha) in Andor (2022-) in 6 episodes
Currie Graham (as Chadwick Benton) in 1923 (2022-2023) in 2 episodes
as a mafia boss in Yakuza goes househusband (2021-) in episode "09"
Johan Jonason (as Marko) in Fast Money (2021-)
Michael Greyeyes (as Terry Thomas) in Rutherford Falls (2021-2022) in 10 episodes
Keisuke Hoashi (as 'Ken Takahara') in Hit-Monkey (2021) in episode "1"
David Eigenberg (as Steve Brady) in And Just Like That... (2021-) in 6 episodes

Boris Tessmann - is/was dubbing voice of:
Patrick Dempsey; David Boreanaz; Dane Cook; Paul Rudd; Peter Woodward; Ben Best; Joel Bissonnette; Michael Bowen; Ty Burrell; William Butler; Edison Chen; Jeffrey Combs; D. Conrad; Elliot Cowan; Garvin Cross; Charles Dance; Jason Davis; Oliver Driver; D. Eigenberg; Tom Fridley; Tom Gallop; Paul Gleeson; Kadeem Hardison; J. Hawkinson; Michael Hitchcock; J. Hopkins; Rob Huebel; Ryan Hurst; Nicky Katt; John F. Kennedy; Jonathan LaPaglia; Andy Lau; Matt Lauer; Christopher Meloni; Bill Murray; Corin Nemec; Jeffrey Nordling; Peter Outerbridge; Brent Palmer; Mark Pellegrino; Jacques Penot; Scott Plank; Larry Poindexter; Carlos Ponce; Scott Reeves; Linus Roache; Sasha Roiz; James Saito; Alexander Siddig; Gregory Sporleder; Geoff Stults; D.B. Sweeney; Christian Tessier; Brian van Holt; Conrad Vernon; Robert Walker jr.; David Boreanaz; D. Eigenberg; Bruno Campos; Patrick Dempsey; Matthew Settle; Alexander Siddig; Burt Ward; Benjamin Ayres; Dee Bradley Baker; Patrick Bishop; Eddie Cibrian; Jeremy Davidson; Johnny Depp; Nathan Fillion; Rick Fox; Paul Ganus; D. Greenan; P. Dempsey; Anthony M. Hall; Garrison Hershberger; Dion Johnstone; Daniel Dae Kim; Boris Tessmann; Jay Lagaaia; Matt Letscher; Patrick Dempsey; Richard Madeley; Robert Mammone; Dean McDermott; Rob McElhenney; Gregory McKinney; Robert Duncan McNeill; Jeffrey Meek; J. Mese; Gresby Nash; Obi Ndefo; Rob Paulsen; Jonathan Penner; Ron Perlman; Jeremy Piven; Rick Roberts; Sebastian Roché; Reuben Sallmander; Ivan Sergei; M. Silver; Kevin Sorbo; Donavon Stinson; Giles Thomas; Christopher Thompson; Boris Tessmann; J. Verea; David Boreanaz; Michael Watson; Bernard White; P. Dempsey; Nigel Whitmey; Matt Winston; Peter Woodward;
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