Jan Makino

German native speaker Jan Makino, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Voice actor, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 20 to 35 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
cheeky, dynamic, fresh, light, moderate, multi-faceted, striking, warm, youthful
Film, TV, Advertising, Radio, Documentary

Jan Makino - Auditions

Jan Makino - Film dubbing Jacques Costeau
Jan Makino - Comic Medley
Jan Makino - Film dubbing Die Bestimmung - Divergent
Jan Makino - Film dubbing Der Wein und der Wind
Jan Makino - Film dubbing Teen Wolf
Acting training
BMW, Duplo, Media Markt, McDonalds
Movies (selection)
Woo-yul Han (as Jae-kyung) in Jung_E: Memory of War (2023) 
Danny Bohnen (as Jim) in The Yacht (2022) 
Paul Teal (as Deputy Clark) in Deep Water (2022) 
Akie Kotabe (as Mr. Yama) in The Son (2022) 
Chris Petrovski (as Sean Walker (young)) in Ray Donovan: The Movie (2022) 
Ha-neul Kang (as Woo Moo-Chi) in Pirates - The King's Treasure (2022) 
Daniel De Bourg (as William Borden) in Memory - His Last Mission (2022) 
Brandon Black (as Tim) in A Madea Homecoming (2022) 
François Civil (as Yann) in Life's a Dance (2022) 
Tom Deflandre (as Director) in The Kitchen Brigade (2022) 
Mehdi Dehbi (as Zizo) in The Cairo Conspiracy (2022) 
Mayen Mehta (as Corp. Shah) in Interceptor (2022) 
Anthony Edwards (as Kermit Wilts) in Hustle (2022) 
Cardi Wong (as Arlo Leonard) in Heatwave - Playing with Fire (2022) 
David Lavine (as Duncan Beattie) in The Good Nurse (2022) 
Noah Segan (as Derol) in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) 
Arturo Castro (as 'Len') in Entergalactic (2022) 
Roman Mitichyan (as Armen) in Emily the Criminal (2022) 
Makana David (as Tommy) in Dig Or Die (2022) 
Giovani Florido (as Miguel) in Book of Love (2022) 
Giovanni Ribisi (as Parker Selfridge) in Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) 
Grigoriy Vernik (as Young Man) in Seduction - Playing with Fire (2021) 
Evan Ross (as Agent Williams) in The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021) 
Jason Maza (as D.S. Bedwin) in Twist (2021) 
Jean-Baptiste Sagory (as Pierre) in My Terribly Spoiled Family (2021) 
Jai Courtney (as Justin) in Jolt (2021) 
Giuseppe Futia (as Tommaso) in Still Out of My League (2021) 
Shohei Uno (as 'Mabechigawa-Kappa') in The House of the Lost on the Cape (2021) 
Jack Farthing (as Joe) in Woman in the Dark (2021) 
Series (selection)
Olmo Jarfaiter (as Toño) in Sky High: The Series (2023) 
Gabriel Basso (as Peter Sutherland) in The Night Agent (2023) 
Giovanni Buselli (as Roberto) in The Lying Life of Adults (2023) in episode "3" 
Chris Lew Kum Hoi (as Gregor) in Extraordinary (2023) in 2 episodes 
Blake Cooper Griffin (as Wesley) in Winning Time: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (2022) in 1 episode 
Lucius Hoyos (as Gomez Addams (young)) in Wednesday (2022) in episode "5" 
Tom Durant Pritchard (as Greg) in This Is Going to Hurt (2022-) in 5 episodes 
Arturo Castro (as Jordan Groff) in The Terminal List - The Kill List (2022) in 3 episodes 
Deven Christian Mack (as 'Sonic the Hedgehog') in Sonic Prime (2022-) 
Francisco Bass (as Ron Navarro Lavalle) in Summer in the Cielo Grande (2022) 
Griffin Matthews (as Luke Jacobson) in She-Hulk: The Lawyer (2022) in 5 episodes 
Pol López (as Chinche) in Santo (2022) 
Bjorn Steinbach (as Felix Mort) in Resident Evil (2022) in episode "4" 
Jae-wan Park (as Professor Oh Gun-tae) in Remarriage & Desires (2022) 
Chiaki Kobayashi (as 'Hayate Ichik
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Jan Makino - is/was dubbing voice of:
Motoki; Ben Barnes; Edward Furlong; Jake Siegel; Matt Stone; Billy Boyd; Lubomir Bukovy; Justin Chatwin; Christian Coulson; Charles Cousins; Gary Gray; Vincent Kartheiser; Gary Lundy; Cody McMains; Ryan Merriman; Max Minghella; Fred Savage; Gregory Smith; Marlon Wayans; Gary Grey; Snot; Beau Mirchoff; Kaj-Erik Eriksen; Charlie Finn; Matt Hill; Randy McDowell; Dustin Milligan; Kenji Nojima; Courtenay J. Stevens; Matt Stone;
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