Liane Rudolph

German native speaker Liane Rudolph, voice actress for advertisements


Popular Voices, Voice actor, Audio books & drama, Singing
from 40 to 55 years
Main language:
Further languages:
Pitch of voice:
fresh, mature, multi-faceted, serious, striking, very feminine
Film, TV, Advertising, Presentation, Documentary

Liane Rudolph - Auditions

Liane Rudolph - Commercial Thermacare
Liane Rudolph - Advertising Knorr
Liane Rudolph - Advertisement EWE
Liane Rudolph - Advertising Kluwe
Liane Rudolph - Report poverty
Liane Rudolph - Report Gerhard Schröder
Liane Rudolph - Film dubbing Mix
Liane Rudolph - Reading English UK
Acting training with Hanny Herter, singing lessons with Prof. Garay & Prof. Wilhelms
Lenor, Theramed, Omo, Moltex, Pfennig`s Feinkost, Anderle, Obi, Snickers
Our Earth
Audio book / radio play:
NYPDead - Medical Report 16, Die schwarze Serie 26, Offenbarung (several episodes), Sherlock Holmes & Co 75, Death Note - Die komplette Hörspielreihe, Professor van Dusen (several episodes), OSTERSONNTAG, Gruselkabinett 87
RIAS Berlin, SFB
Film / TV:
Ein Job wie jeder andere, Ein Heim für Tiere,Harald und Eddi, 3 Damen vom Grill, Kontakte, Spottshow, Direktion City, Geschäft mit der Sonne, Justitas kleine Fische

Schillertheater Berlin, engagement with the Stachelschweine in Berlin, Schillertheater, Kleines Theater, Hansatheater, Hebbeltheater 
Movies (Selection)
Jodi Long (as Lucy Summers) in Night Swim (2024) 
Amy Sedaris (as Joan Rubinsky) in Theater Camp (2023) 
Greta Scacchi (as Joan) in Run Rabbit Run (2023) 
Frances Fisher (as Camille Grady) in Reptile (2023) 
Suzanne Bertish (as Madame Laurent) in The Nun II (2023) 
Miriam Margolyes (as Judy) in My Happy Ending (2023) 
Evelyne Buyle (as Simone Bernard) in My Fabulous Crime (2023) 
Celia Imrie (as Gina Valentine) in Love Again (2023) 
Candy Buckley (as Mrs. Galvinson) in The Kill Room (2023) 
Ewa Blaszczyk (as Director Gierymska) in Mr. Funmobile and the Knights Templar (2023) 
Stella Gonet (as Margaret) in El Conde (2023) 
Jane Fonda (as Vivian) in Book Club - A New Chapter (2023) 
Jodi Long (as 'Wangmu') in The Monkey King (2023) 
Carmen Machi (as Maribel) in Rainbow (2022) 
Donna Mills (as Bonnie Clayton) in Nope (2022) 
Anne Loiret (as Mme. Maigret) in Maigret (2022) 
Dominique Valadié (as Madame Locace) in The Great Spell (2022) 
Harriet Walter (as Anna Marshall) in Burial - The corpse of the leader (2022) 
Series (selection)
Joanna Lumley (as Judith Burkett) in In Eternal Debt (2024) 
Cathy Tyson (as Doris Mathis) in Criminal Record (2024-) in episode "1, 2, 4-7" (season 1) 
Frances Tomelty (as sister Eileen) in The Woman in the Wall (2023) in 5 episodes 
as mother in Mrs. Davis (2023) in episode "3 & 5" (season 1) 
Beth Grant (as Carlotta Mayfair) in Mayfair Witches (2023) in episode "1-5" 
Beth Broderick (as Bertha Pomeroy) in Love & Death (2023) in episode "2, 4, 5" (season 1) 
Laila Robins (as Grace Mallory) in Gen V (2023-) in 1 episode 
Penny Downie (as Frances Munning) in Diplomatic Relations (2023-) in episode "1-4" 
Pamela Rabe (as Margaret Carruthers) in Deadloch (2023) in 8 episodes 
Diane Findlay (as Cynthia) in Dead Ringers - The Lovebirds (2023-) in 1 episode 
Laila Robins (as Susie) in The Crowded Room (2023) in episode "6" (season 1) 
Lesley Manville (as Dahlia Archer) in Citadel (2023-) in 5 episodes 
Görel Crona (as Klara) in The Beach Hotel (2023-) in episode "3, 6-8" (season 1) 
Clare Holman (as Mary Angelis) in Treason (2022) 
Eunice Roberts (as Lois Mason) in Sister Boniface Mysteries (2022-) in episode "3" (season 1) 
Sandra James-Young (as Unity Kincaid) in The Sandman (2022-) in episode "1-4, 6-10" 
Marthe Keller (as Maria Theresa) in Marie Antoinette (2022-) 
Award: 2006 nomination for the Synchronization Award for "An deiner Schulter" (Joan Aller)
Liane Rudolph - is/was dubbing voice of:
Madeleine Stowe; Lea Thompson; Joan Allen; Joan Cusack; Julie Hagerty; Christine Baranski; Veronica Lazar; Marie-France Pisier; Suzie Plakson; Deborah Rush; Elizabeth Sanders; Harriet Walter; Caroline Aaron; Sarah Alexander; Melody Anderson; Dimitra Arliss; Rosalind Ayres; Robin Bartlett; Cate Bauer; Marisa Berenson; Francine Bergé; Randi Brooks; Colleen Camp; Veronica Cartwright; Margaret Colin; Didi Conn; Maryam dAbo; Judy Davis; Illeana Douglas; Lillete Dubey; Julia Duffy; Shelley Duvall; Janine Duvitski; Siobhan Fallon; Megan Gallagher; Madeleine S.; Caroline Goodall; Kit Gwin; Tess Harper; Tanneke Hartzuiker; Holly Hayes; Lorraine Hilton; Celia Imrie; Allison Janney; Diane Keaton; Madeleine Stowe; Donna J. Kelley; Rosalind Knight; Audrey Landers; Carole Laure; Vicki Lewis; Mary Liboiron; Joanna Lumley; Andrea Martin; Laurie Metcalf; Julianne Moore; Haviland Morris; Natalia Nogulich; Gail OGrady; Catherine OHara; Mary Lynn Owen; Annika Pergament; Elizabeth Perkins; Diana Quick; Kathleen Quinlan; Pamela Reed; Madeleine Stowe; Cynthia Rhodes; Miranda Richardson; Muriel Robin; Talia Shire; Caroline Sihol; Marilyn Sokol; Rachel Steiner; Patricia Tallmann; Tracey Ullman; Celia Weston; Julianne White; Julie White; Madeleine Stowe; Rita Wilson; Irene Ziegler; Nana Visitor; Christine Baranski; Joan McMurtrey; Cristine Rose; Caroline Aaron; Pamela Bellwood; Peggy Blow; Melanie Chartoff; Kate Jackson; Allison Janney; Lisa Kaplan; Lily Knight; Suzanne Krull; Madeleine Stowe; Swoosie Kurtz; Audrey Landers; Beverly Leech; Jane Lynch; Andrea Martin; Jacqueline McKenzie; Oksana Olijar; Robin Riker; Jackie Mari Roberts; Katey Sagal; Talia Shire; Jane Sibbett; Jean Smart; Sharon Stone; Patricia Tallmann; Brynn Thayer; Madeleine Stowe; Brittany Tiplady; Deborah Wakeham; Kristina Wayborn;
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