Maja Dürr

German native speaker Maja Dürr, voice actress for advertisements

Voice actor, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games, Comedian, Singing, Cartoon voice
from 30 to 45 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
bright, dynamic, fresh, light, mezzo-soprano, multi-faceted, sensual, striking
Film, TV, Advertising, Radio, Documentary

Maja Dürr - Auditions

Maja Dürr - Advertising car dealership German
Maja Dürr - Commercial
Maja Dürr - Documentary Bridges
Maja Dürr - Coporate video
Maja Dürr - Corporate
Maja Dürr - Audio book
Maja Dürr - Audio drama
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Maja Dürr - Videos

Maja Dürr - Film dubbing Friends Englisch
Studied at the Berlin University of the Arts in music and performing arts: role studies, scenic teaching and voice training, instrumental and vocal training
Audi, Maggie, Schoeller, Leipzig Book Fair
arte, SAT1, Deutsche Welle, Bahn TV, RTL
Audio book / radio play: 
The Ocean Flight (B. Brecht), Annika & Paul (M. Bauer)
Everlight- Elves to Power (role: elf Fenny)
Film / TV:
Drei unter einer Decke (H. Meewes, Fritz Wagener Film), Kann ich Ihnen helfen (Ralph Cordes), Drei Drachen vom Grill (B. Schneider/A. Zabel, Teulelsberger Filmproduktion), Einsteins Baby (R. Steiner, Rudolf-Steiner Filmproduktion GmbH), Molto Bene (S. Bonasewicz / T. Scheibe), Schlick TV (R. Fritzsche)
Movies (selection)
Sarah Roberts (as Ankhila Sarduka) in Felony - One moment can change everything (2013) [Synchro (2015)] 
Deborah Twiss (as Mrs. Zane) in Kick-Ass (2010) 
Brianne Moncrief (as Ershon's assistant) in The Other Cops (2010) 
Elizabeth Kaledin (as Newsreader #2) in The Other Cops (2010) 
Tara Copeland (as a police dispatcher) in The Other Cops (2010) 
Pilar Angelique (as a passerby) in The Other Cops (2010) 
Sue Pierce (as a cashier) in Hangover (2009) 
Constance Broge (as a woman in an elevator) in Hangover (2009) 
Delphine Brual (as Graziella) in Amer - The Dark Side of Dreams (2009) 
Wendi McLendon-Covey (as Lona) in Over Her Dead Body - My Heavenly Fiancée and I (2008) 
Carol Kane (as Aunt Sara) in My Sweetheart, Our Family and Me (2008) 
as maid #2 in K-20 - The Legend of the Black Mask (2008) 
Jolene Kim (as director) in iCarly: Trouble in Tokyo (2008) 
Mary Hart (as Mary Hart) in The Great Buck Howard (2008) 
as a nurse in One for 4 - On the Road to Love (2008) 
Mary Beth McDonough (as Madge) in An Unexpected Letter (2007) [Synchro (2009)] 
Series (selection)
Tracey Bonner (as Pastor June Wilkes) in Sweet Magnolias (2020-) in 10 episodes 
Rhoda Griffis (as Beth Ackerman) in Manhunt: Unabomber (2017) in 1 episode 
Hiam Abbass (as Khatun) in The OA (2016-2019) in 2 episodes 
Kirstin Eggers (as Dr. Ellie) in American Housewife (2016-2021) in episode "6, 7 & 20" (season 1) 
Leena Vanhamäki (as Hanna's mother) in Nurses (2014-) in episode "My Blood, My Soul" (season 1) 
Outi Mäenpää (as Ellu) in Nurses (2014-) in episode "The game is over" (season 1) 
Naomi Shindou (as 'class teacher') in Waiting in the Summer (2012) in episode "03" 
Rena Maeda (as 'Student #1') in Waiting in the Summer (2012) in episode "09" 
Mary Hart (as Mary Hart) in 1600 Penn (2012-2013) in 1 episode 
Katie Messina (as neighbor #1) in Against the Wall (2011) [Synchro (2014)] in 1 episode 
Satomi Moriya (as 'Head Maid') in Samurai Girls (2010) in episode "06" 
Catherine Fewtrell (as Kathy) in Taking the Flak - Reporter at War (2009) in 1 episode 
Kelly Hawthorne (as Jill) in Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) in episode "The Time Capsule" (season 3) 
Angela Pietropinto (as Mother) in Nurse Jackie (2009-2015) in episode "1" (season 1) 
Milauna Jemai (as lawyer Susan) in FlashForward (2009-2010) in episode "The Mysterious Mr. Frost" (season 1) 
Jacqueline Torres (as Nina Mendola) in Castle (2009-2016) in 1 episode 
Molly Hagan (as Moira Foote) in Eli Stone (2008-2009) in episode "The Big Quake" (season 1)
Animated film (selection)
Bee Buzz in Tabaluga (1997 - 2000), Terriermon - Gargamon (Mona Marshall)in Digimon (2001-2002), Fran in: Shin Chan (2002) Jenny in Shin Chan (2005), Tabb's detective cat in: Phantomcat (1996), mom in Laura Stern (2003) episodes in Garfield, Sponge Bob (2007) 
Educational films for German courses: International Publishing Services (U. Hübschmann), Komplex (G. Franke, Zischler / Mann- Filmproduktion)
Singing: Mezzo-soprano (chanson, bossa nova, jazz, swing, blues, pop)
Maja Dürr - is/was dubbing voice of:
Liza Kudrow; Terry Farrell; Betsy Aidem; Lucy Boryer; Patricia Tallman; Deirdre Imersheim; Cecil Hoffmann; Lisa Butler; Nina Mann; Valerie Pettiford; Laurel Moglen; Claire Riley; Arlette Pacheco; Isabelle Tetart; Meg Tilly;
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