Velia Krause

German native speaker Velia Krause, voice actress for advertisements

Voice actor, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Singing
from 35 to 50 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
multi-faceted, soft, very feminine, warm
Film, TV, Advertising

Velia Krause - Auditions

Velia Krause - Advertisement Kerrygold
Velia Krause - Commercial Eismann
Velia Krause - Audio drama
Velia Krause - Imagefilm Liana
Velia Krause - Report Meiningen
Velia Krause - Book review Bärenkralle
Velia Krause - Singing Holt mich hier raus
Velia Krause - Documentary Dialect Berlin

Velia Krause - Videos

Velia Krause - Commercial AXE Motive Car & Pool German
Velia Krause - Advertisement Faber Lotto

Acting studies at the Hans Otto Theatre Academy (Leipzig), children's voice-over training at the Studio für Synchronisation (Johannisthal), camera acting seminar (Cologne / director Alexander von Janitzky), camera acting with Uwe Bünker (Berlin), intensive camera acting (Coaching Company Berlin)

AXE, Fleurop

Audio book / radio play:
Stop doing the splits. How to stop - tearing yourself apart between family and job. The success method simple present, Bella, Boss & Bulli, Benjamin Blümchen, Bone River - river of dreams, Berlin-with heart and snout, The bird - seems to me - has humor, Anticipation - the best joy

Film / TV:
Schicksale - Die Braut aus dem Osten (Sat.1), Schicksale-Das Gute im Menschen (Sat.1), Alles was zählt (RTL), Klinik am Alex (Sat.1), Frühstück mit einer Unbekannten (Sat.1 ), Körner und Köter (Sat.1.), In aller Freundschaft (ARD), Doppelter Einsatz - Berlin (RTL), Alphateam - Endspiel (Sat.1), Marlene Dietrich tribute (SFB), Polizeiruf 110 - Draußen am See (ARD), Das Graupenschloß (ARD)

Staatstheater Cottbus - Lausitzer Sagennacht in Burg, Kriminalmenü Berlin (Auftaktern), Sommertheater in Theaternative C. COttbus (Die Wirtin), Grips Theater Berlin (Linie 1, Baden gehen, Eins auf die Fresse), Kabarett Cottbus (Weiberkram), MS "Heinrich Zille" Berlin (Erotic Night Revue), Mitteldeutsches Landestheater, Thomas-Müntzer-Theater Lutherstadt Eilsleben, Berliner Brett'l, Stachelschweine Berlin (Ick hab noch ne Pointe in Berlin)

Movies (selection)
Myriam Muller (as Carla) in Wolfkin (2022)
Maria Pinsent (as Ingrid) in Sweet Christmas - A Belgian Chocolate Christmas (2022)
Kate Dickie (as Elizabet Ingram) in Raven's Hollow (2022)
Meganne Townsend (as Mrs. Beauguard) in My Friend, His Amish Family and Me (2022)
Maria Ioannou (as Rosemary) in The Hotel Haunting (2022)
Diana Wilde (as Betty Goss) in The Curse of Rosalie (2022)
Diana Prince (as Dottie) in The Barn Part II (2022)
Paloma Bloyd (as Lisa del Monaco) in American Carnage (2022)
Izabela Kuna (as Kamila) in Warning (2021)
Robyn Bradley (as Patricia) in Love in a Field of Sunflowers (2021) [synchro (2023)]
Katarzyna Figura (as Dorota) in Girls to Buy (2021)
Shawna Pliva McGill (as Driver) in Ditched (2021)
as a saleswoman in Bewitched (2020) [synchro (2022)]
Amanda Bearse (as Marjorie Phelps) in Sky Sharks (2020)

Series ( selection)
Nila Aalia (as Geeta Sharma) in She Knows About You (2021) in 1 episode
Deborah Finkel (as Paula) in Always There for You (2021-2023) in 1 episode
Stacee Copeland (as Aunt Pam) in Always There for You (2021-2023) in 1 episode
Madeleine Kelders (as Caregiver Applicant) in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020-2021) in 1 episode
Ellie Harvie (as Susan) on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020-2021) 1 episode
Natalie Harris (as Karen from accounting) on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020-2021) in 1 episode
Alet Taylor (as Charlie) in Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020) in 1 episode
Vickie Eng (as Grace Wharton) in Sweet Magnolias (2020-) in 7 episodes
Amy Stiller (as Diane) in Love Life (2020-) in episode "3" (season 1)
Akiha Matsui (as 'Uotori's mother') in Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (2020-) in 1 episode
Lynne Marie Stewart (as Florence) in AJ and the Queen (2020) in 1 episode
Gwynyth Walsh (as Jo Eillen) in Virgin River (2019-) in 15 episodes
Deborah Puette (as Rose) in Unbelievable (2019) in 1 episode
Janet Land (as Kitty) in The Umbrella Academy (2019-2023) in 1 episode
Clea Alsip (as Nancy) in City Stories (2019) in 1 episode
Sarah Durham (as Mrs. Briggs) in Gentleman Jack (2019-2022) in 1 episode
Shirley Jordan (as Grandma) in Family Annex (2019-) in 1 episode
Denise Graham (as Eleanor Stafford) in Bluff City Law (2019) in 1 episode
Nicky B (as Fat Woman) in After Life (2019-2022) in 1 episode
Velia Krause - is/was dubbing voice of:
Juliet Cadzow, Rachel Hayward, Dawn Alden, Terry Anzur, Cynthia Chenault, Daphne Duplaix, Vickie Eng, Tina Gloss, Karen Gordon, Jean Hale, Sadie Hamilton, Yurika Hino, Jennifer Lien, Nina Repeta, Emily Wagner, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Shari Shattuck, Kim Little, Suzy Brack, Lindsay Van de Kirk, Katherine Kendall, Sumire Uesaka, Tessa Wood, Sandy Bainum, Kristina Wagner, Lolita Foster,
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