Ben Posener

Native speaker Ben Posener, English voice actor for advertisements and film dubbing

Voice actor, Native speaker, Imagefilm
from 40 to 55 years
Native language:
English (UK)
Main language:
English (UK)
Further languages:
English, German
Berlin, Hessian, Saxony
English (UK) => English (US), English (UK) => German, English (US) => English (UK), English (US) => German, German => English (UK), German => English (US)
Native Dialects:
Mid-Atlantic (UK)
Pitch of voice:
fresh, moderate, serious
Film, TV, Advertising, Presentation, Radio, Documentary, Audioguide

Ben Posener - Auditions

Ben Posener - Advertising Bold
Ben Posener - Explainer DFL
Ben Posener - Corporate video Pyur
Ben Posener - Presentation SKODA Midatlantic
Ben Posener - Productclip Mini
Ben Posener - Commercial Munich Re
Ben Posener - Presentation Babtec German
Ben Posener - Corporate video Bosch Healthy Living German
Ben Posener - Webclip Welthungerhilfe German
Ben Posener - Documentary Arte 1 German

Ben Posener - Videos

Ben Posener - Presentation English UK and German
Ben Posener - Corporate video Otto Bock German
Ben Posener - Presentation Advanced Telematic Systems
Ben Posener - Cinema Commercial
Bsc. in sociology at London School of Economics, Final examination in journalism at London Broadcasting School, L.A. Actors Workshop, Masters Class (Monika Schubert), Voice training with Annette Göres
Mars, Samsung Flatscreen, Pedigree Dry, Renault Laguna, Mercedes Synchro, Teapot, Fiskars, Loretta Stone, Pepparl & Fuchs.
Image film:
Siemens, VW, Lufthansa, Hochtief, Eon, Otto Bock, Renault, Merk, Festival of Lights, PayMill, Panasonic, Coca Cola, VW, BMW, Collonil Organic.
Beautiful Minds, Art in the Reichstag, Bikini Atoll, Fluxus (Arte), Wagnerwahn (Arte), The Lithium Revolution (ZDF), NDR Nature Films, Marx Reloaded (Arte).
Carl Zeiss, Maxdata, EU Young Journalists Award, Mercedes, Dachser, Actelion, DFL: GOAL! The Bundesliga Magazine, RIAS 2 (radio), Radio Eins (radio), Deutsche Welle (radio)
Siemens, VDA, Merck Serono, SIMAG, VW
Film / TV:
Hilde, V for Vedetta, Around the World in 80 Days, Ein Starkes Team, Plötzlich Papa, 2030 Aufstand der Alten; Moderator TV/Radio (Anchor): Deutsche Welle TV, GOAL! for DFL, Rias2, RS 2, Radio Eins; live events: Carl Zeiss Executive Vision Forum, Bayer-Schering Kickoff, Daimler-Chrysler Training Center, Maxdata Kickof
Ikusaburou Yamazaki (as 'Leon Lowe') in Detective Conan: The Steel Blue Fist (2019). 
Julien Triguer (as Mel) in As if Struck by Lightning (2018) 
William Miller (as Richie Brown) in Without a Trace (2010) 
Robert Youngs (as Mr. Spencer) in A Whole New Life (2009) [synchro (2012)] 
Geoffrey Carey (as Claude) in Life is Strange (2004). 
(as Menge) in Human Trafficking (2005),
Jan Hammenecker (as Michael Sorensen) in Poisonous Seeds (2018-2019) in 3 episodes. 
(as Ranger Bill) in "Tauch Timmy Tauch!"
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