Benoit Pitre

French native speaker Benoit Pitre, voice actor

Voice actor, Native speaker, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games, Singing, Cartoon voice
from 30 to 50 years
Native language:
Main language:
Further languages:
English (Canadian), German, Italian, Portugese
Native Dialects:
Pitch of voice:
deep, dynamic, fresh, moderate, multi-faceted, powerful, sonorous, very manly, warm
Film, TV, Advertising

Benoit Pitre - Auditions

Benoit Pitre - Corporate video Pro Seal French
Benoit Pitre - Reading De La Fontaine French
Benoit Pitre - Reading French dialect Québecois
Benoit Pitre - Narration English US accent French
Benoit Pitre - Advertisement English US dialect Texas
Benoit Pitre - Commecial Robin Look German
Benoit Pitre - Narration Haifisch German
Institute for Acting Mallorca, Showreel Hamburg, ISFF - Institute for Acting, Film and Television Professions Berlin, TheaterWerk Munich, Tanglewood Music Center, Junger Musiker Stiftung Bayreuth, International Vocal Arts Institute, University of Miami School of Music at Salzburg, McGill University (B.Mus), State University of New York at Buffalo
Babbel, CH PET Recycling, Head Tennis, MAN, Comptoir Numismatique
Image film:
ARBURG, Janssen, BLUM, Ottobock Clinical Services, Siemens Automation, MAN, ProSeal, Aerolink, Feldhaus Klinker
La cathédrale de Monet (Amazon), Nicotine - drug with a future (ARTE)
Leitz ("Deciding the future" exhibition), katapneuma (Berlin Cathedral), MiWuLa (You'll be exhibition)

Ransomware, New Holland, Scotia Bank
Film / TV:
GZSZ, WSMDS with Joko, Henry Parker's Secret, Bell Canada (short film)
Operettensommer Kufstein (Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar), Brandenburger Theater (Jesus Christ Superstar), Choriner Opernsommer (The Bartered Bride, Die Fledermaus), 3for1 Trinity (The Little Prince), Tanglewood Festival (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Opera Sacra (Maria Stuarda), Teatro della Tosse Genova (Pizzeria Anarchia), LJO NRW (Don Carlos), Hauptstadtoper (Don Giovanni), Schlossplatztheater (Shadowless)

Alex Skarbek (as Monsieur Roussel) in Downton Abbey II: A New Era (2022) 
Karim Traikia (as Taxi Driver) in Stillwater - Against All Suspicion (2021) 
Alban Casterman (as Hotel Manager) in Stillwater - Against All Suspicion (2021) 
Denis Ménochet (as prison guard) in The French Dispatch (2021) 
Camille Pistone (as Sicily) in Never Grow Old (2019) 
Gabriel Gosselin (as a French reporter) in Too Good to Be True - The JT LeRoy Story (2018) [Synchro (2021)] 
Series (Selection)
Jean-Christophe Febbrari (as Jean Leon) in The Offer (2022) in episode "10" 
Georges St-Pierre (as 'Batroc') in What If...? (2021-) in 1 episode 
as Gigino in Maradona - Life Like a Dream (2021) in episode "6" (season 1) 
Georges St-Pierre (as Batroc) in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) in 3 episodes 
Nicolas Berton (as French Guard) in Shadow of the Assassins - Shadowplay (2020) in 1 episode 
Gualtiero Burzi (as waiter Max) in I May Destroy You (2020) in 1 episode 
Gethin Alderman (as Jean-Pierre) in The Great (2020-) in 3 episodes 
Arnaud Binard (as Laurent Grateau) in Emily in Paris (2020-) in 2 episodes 
Kousuke Oonishi (as 'French Interpreter') in Vinland Saga (2019-) [1st synchro (Netflix)] in episode "07" 
Alessandro Magania (as a consultant) in Living with Yourself (2019) in episode "2" (season 1) 
Félicien Juttner (as Olivier) in Hanna (2019-2021) in 5 episodes
French language consulting
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