Bernd Egger

German native speaker Bernd Egger, film dubbing artist, voice actor for advertisements

Popular Voices, Voice actor, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama
from 35 to 60 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
multi-faceted, powerful, very manly, very striking, voluminous
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary, Audioguide

Bernd Egger - Auditions

Bernd Egger - Advertising BMW i7
Bernd Egger - Commercial Audi
Bernd Egger - Advertising Porsche
Bernd Egger - Commercial Leonet Bavarian
Bernd Egger - Advertising Black Lemon
Bernd Egger - Commercial Kanton Wallis
Bernd Egger - Advertising O2
Bernd Egger - Report Television
Bernd Egger - Report Fighting Dogs
Bernd Egger - Dubbing The Last Kingdom

Bernd Egger - Videos

Bernd Egger - Image film Wine cellar Peter Mertes
Speech seminar with sales trainer Uwe Schmull, dubbing speech training with Andreschka Großmann, training as news anchor / BB Radio - incl. speech training with speech therapist Daniela Köhler / MediaVocis. 
Porsche, BMW, Audi, Nissan, O2, Penny, Hidrofugal, waipuTV.
Blade NZ , Extreme Water Parks - (Travel Channel), Caribbean Pirate Treasure, Backyard Goldmine, The World Toughest Prisons.
Audio book / radio play:
Rudi Zonster
Movies ( selection)
Deon Cole (as Demetrius) in You People (2023) 
David Diamante (as ring announcer David Diamante) in Creed III - Rocky's Legacy (2023) 
Domenick Lombardozzi (as Sgt. D'Arienzo) in Times of Upheaval (2022) 
Scotty Bohnen (as Sunshine) in The Yacht (2022) 
Matt Mella (as Korsky) in WarHunt - Witch Hunters (2022) 
as Promoter in Tenor: One Voice - Two Worlds (2022) 
Tito Valverde (as 'Pickle') in Tad Stones and the Quest for the Emerald Tablet (2022) 
Kerry King (as Krug) in Studio 666 (2022) 
as Maselemola in Silverton Siege (2022)
Edward Astor Chin (as Andrew Cheung) in She Said (2022) 
Gwi-hwa Choi (as Captain Jeon) in The Roundup (2022) 
Jeffrey Donovan (as Sheriff Roy Pulsipher) in R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned (2022) 
Mårten Klingberg (as Niklas) in Off the Track (2022) 
Brooker Muir (as Clint) in My Fake Boyfriend (2022) 
Danny Bohnen (as Marcus O'Sullivan) in Murder in Yellowstone City (2022) 
Steve Coogan (as 'Silas Ramspopo') in Minions - In Search of the Mini Boss (2022) 
Jon Osbeck (as Army Doctor) in A Man Named Otto (2022) 
Tanel Jonas (as Vladimir) in Kompromat: The Power of Lies (2022) 
as Coach in Hustle (2022) 
Edwin Jonker (as Jack) in F*ck Love Again (2022) 
Gabriel Carter (as 'Craw Daddy') in Door Mouse (2022) 
Iven Deduytschaver (as Ice Hockey Coach) in Close (2022) 
Zack Ward (as Off. Scut Farkus) in A Christmas Story Christmas: Quietly Trickling Stress (2022) 
Kristo Viiding (as Grigoriy Churakov) in Burial - The Corpse of the Leader (2022) 
Zane Crandall (as Redneck Man) in Bromates (2022) 
Sila Agavale (as Pawnbroker) in American Murderer (2022) 
as Simon in Aftersun (2022) 
Roberto Zibetti (as Massimo Bossetti) in Yara (2021) 
Nicholas Boshier (as the Chief of Staff) in Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (2021) 
Brian Tyree Henry (as Detective Little) in The Woman in the Window (2021) 
Jamie Harris (as Rory) in West Side Story (2021) 
Fabrice Eboué (as Vincent Pascal) in Veganer schmecken besser - Erst killen, dann grillen! (2021) 
as a newscaster in Ted Bundy: No Man Of God (2021) 
Wood Harris (as Coach C) in Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) 
Roman Reigns (as 'Wham Bam Ramarilla Jackson') in Rumble: Winnie Rocks the Monster League (2021) 
Florin Piersic Jr. (as Ram) in The Protégé - Made for Revenge (2021) 
Series (selection):
Matthew McConaughey (as 'Elvis Presley') in Agent Elvis (2023) 
Tommie Earl Jenkins (as Mayor Noble Walker) in Wednesday (2022) in episode "3, 5 & 6" 
Noah Silas (as Det. Jonathan Jones) in We Own This City (2022) in 3 episodes 
Chris Caldovino (as Goodie Carangi) in Tulsa King (2022-) in 8 episodes 
Yuuichi Nakamura (as 'Ryan Goldsmith / Golden Ryan') in Tiger & Bunny 2 (2022) 
Andrew Nolan (as Graham) in This Is Going to Hurt (2022-) in 1 episode 
Robert Crayton (as Ron Guerette) in The Staircase (2022) in 6 episodes 
Damián Canduci (as Milton Galarza) in Santa Evita (2022) 
as Larry in Sago Mini Friends! (2022)
Atsushi Miyauchi (as 'Eiji') in Rilakkuma's Adventures at the Amusement Park (2022) in 5 episodes 
Samuel Anderson (as Vinny Mason) in Red Rose (2022-) 
Christian Jadah (as Dave) in The Recruit (2022-) in 3 episodes 
Paulo Galindo (as Santino) in Papas on Demand (2022-) 
Magno Bandarz (as Fernando Lino) in Musical: Off to the Spotlight! (2022-) 
Antonio Magro (as Mario Scaramella) in Litvinenko (2022) in episode "2" 
Lamont Thompson (as Judge James P. Stanton) in The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) in 6 episodes 
Gilbert Glenn Brown (as Dr. Riley) in The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2022) in episode "1" 
Piotr Rogucki (as Lt. Marek Rozwalka) in High Water (2022) in episode "1-4" 
Matt Cordova (as Det. Rauss) in Dahmer - Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer (2022) in episode "5" 
Kazuhiko Inoue (as 'Faraday') in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022) in episode 6 
Michael Rose (as Carl Rogers) in Bosch: Legacy (2022-) in 6 episodes 
Regi Davis (as 'Mr. Freeze') in Batwheels (2022-) 
Franco Lo Presti (as Tearjerker) in Astrid and Lily Save The World (2022) in episode "1" (season 1) 
as Adem in Another Self (2022) 
Benedict Wolf (as Hari Singh) in Agatha Christie: A Step Into The Void (2022) 
Emmett Skilton (as Coach Orgeron) in Young Rock (2021-) in episode "1, 4, 7, 11" (season 1) 
Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Dutsch) in Young Rock (2021-) in episode "7" (season 1) 
Tomokazu Sugita (as 'Bob') in Yakuza goes househusband (2021-) in episode "06" 
Jared Padalecki (as Cordell Walker) in Walker (2021-) in 52 episodes. 
William Catlett (as Herschel) in True Story (2021) 
Cillian O'Gairbhi (as Walter Chrysler) in The Titans That Built America (2021-) 
Wolé Parks (as John Henry Irons / Captain Luthor) in Superman & Lois (2021-) in 15 episodes 
Josh McDermitt (as 'Dad') in Sharkdog (2021-) 
Dada Fungula Bozela (as Ravy) in Fast Money (2021-) 
Zadok Umoru (as Rocky) in Salam - Rest in Peace (2021-) [1st synchro (Netflix)] in episode "3" (season 1) 
Ryoutarou Okiayu (as 'Trist Organ') in Redo of Healer (2021-) in 2 episodes 
Tomokazu Sugita (as 'Tonma Rodriguez') in Platinum End (2021-) in episode "01-02" 
Troy Feldman (as Overlord) in Overlord and the Underwoods (2021-) 
Edson da Graça (as Jay Jay) in Misfit: The Series (2021) 
Joseph Ruud (as Big Beard) in Mayor of Kingstown (2021) in 2 episodes 
Nabeel El Khafif (as a prison guard) in Mayor of Kingstown (2021) in 2 episodes 
Ryan Allen (as Tashard Little) in Mayor of Kingstown (2021) in 1 episode 
Danny Trejo (as 'Cabracan') in Maya and the Three (2021)
Bernd Egger - is/was dubbing voice of:
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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