Katy Karrenbauer

German native speaker Katy Karrenbauer, voice actress, voive-over artist

Popular Voices, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 35 to 50 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
dark, deep, powerful, striking, very striking, warm
Film, TV, Documentary, Audioguide

Katy Karrenbauer - Auditions

Katy Karrenbauer - Corporate video Financial consulting German
Katy Karrenbauer - Speaker Mix
Katy Karrenbauer - Audio Guide Vienna
Katy Karrenbauer - Non-fictional text human being
Katy Karrenbauer - Monologue Showing dialect Ruhrpott
Katy Karrenbauer - Monologue Klaus dialect Ruhrpott
Acting School Kiel
Audio book / radio play:
In the Eye of the Storm, The Preacher, The Chief Witch's Broom - Papa's Shrunk - Conflicted Friendship, The Bloodline 1-4, The Death Artist, John Sinclair, The Evil Within Us, Land of Dreams. 
Film / TV:
Behind Bars, Late Show (feature film), Criminal Sorrow Waltz (short film), Anke, Westend (feature film), The Plague, Kamasutra, Balko, Crazy Race, Dr. Sommerfeld - Neues vom Bülowbogen, Wie die Karnickel, Dirty Sky, Haialarm auf Mallorca, Doppelter Einsatz, Körner und Köter, Traumtänzer, Comedy Hotel, Crazy Race 2, Max und Moritz Reloaded (feature film), Gloria (AT), 7 Zwerge - Der Wald ist nicht genug (feature film), Crazy Race 3, Alarm für Cobra 11, Hafenkante
Städtische Bühnen Kiel, Urania Theater Cologne, Stadttheater Lünen, Germany tour for Unicef, MIR Gelsenkirchen, , Kleines Theater Basel, Theater an der Schalmoos Salzburg, Staatstheater Saarbrücken

Adelina Anthony (as 'Captain Pulk') in Strange World (2022) 
Dale Soules (as 'Darby Steel') in Lightyear (2022) 
Kimberly Scott (as Mama Franklin) in Respect (2021) 
Sandy Martin (as 'Grandma Paguro') in Luca (2021) 
Shohreh Aghdashloo (as 'Gozer') in Ghostbusters: Legacy (2021) 
Rachel House (as Gaye) in Winged - A Bird Named Penguin Bloom (2020) 
Katy Karrenbauer (as a police officer) in Berlin, I Love You (2019) 
Dot-Marie Jones (as Slackjaw) in 3 From Hell (2019) 
Rhonda Johnson Dents (as Miss Rosalie) in The Hate U Give (2018) 
Katy Karrenbauer (as Helga Wolf) in Under ConTROLL (2016) [2nd dub (actor's version)] 
Katy Karrenbauer (as Helga Wolf) in Under ConTROLL (2016) [1st synchro (Schnodderdeutsch)] 
Hima Hatemić (as Ashtar) in Under ConTROLL (2016) [1st synchro (Schnodderdeutsch)] 
As the rage of the pizza vendor in Alles steht Kopf (2015). 
Mason Alexander Park (as 'Tavernkeeper') in The Legend of Vox Machina (2022-) in episode "1" (season 1) 
Pat Carroll (as 'Ursula') in The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (2020) in episode "Disco Fever" (season 1) 
Jenifer Lewis (as 'Bartender') in Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020-) in 1 episode 
Elizabeth Marvel (as Victoria Helstrom) in Helstrom (2020) in 10 episodes 
Patrick Crawley (as 'Mad Madge') in Monster Beach (2019) [synchro (2021)] 
Play audio sample Play audio sampleDot-Marie Jones (as Meg Mullins) in Atlanta Medical (2018-) in 1 episode 
Kimiko Saitou (as 'Gagaran') in Overlord 2 (2017) [synchro (2019)] in episode "06, 08, 10, 11, 13" 
Caroline Aaron (as Judy) in Transparent (2014-2019) in episode "8 & 10" (season 1) 
Kimberly Brooks (as 'Jasper (1st voice)') in Steven Universe (2013-2019) in episode "51 & 52" (season 1) 
Dot-Marie Jones (as Sister Mary Theresa) in The Goldbergs (2013-) in 1 episode 
Dot-Marie Jones (as Louise) in Modern Family (2009-2019) in episode "15" (season 8) 
Dot-Marie Jones (as Shannon Beiste) in Glee (2009-2015) in season 2 
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