Karin David

German native speaker Karin David, voice actress for advertisements


Popular Voices, Voice actor, Native speaker, Imagefilm, Audio books & drama, Computer games, Comedian, Singing
from 25 to 45 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
bright, cheeky, delicate, dynamic, fresh, light, multi-faceted, powerful, sensual, striking, warm
Film, TV, Advertising, Documentary

Karin David - Auditions

Karin David - Commercial Garnier German
Karin David - Film dubbing
Karin David - Film dubbing Johnny Bravo
Karin David - Voice over 3
Karin David - Voice over 4
Karin David - Voice over 5
Acting training school of theater "Der Keller" (Cologne).
Audio book / radio play: 
Klar ist es Liebe, Fräulein Braun in Alchimistin - Stein d. Weisen, Kischmeide in Perry Rodan - The land under the pond
WWF Cologne
TV / Film:
XY Files ... ungelöst, Auto Fritze, Wie gut - dass es Maria gibt, Ein Fall für zwei, Was zu beweisen war, Das Haus am Watt, Sylter Geschichten, Die Kommissarin, Die Drei, SOKO 5113, Wolffs Revier, Der Landarzt, Der Ermittler, Unser Charly, In aller Freundschaft, Ich liebe Dich Kurzfilm and many more.
Schauspielhaus Cologne, Stadttheater Würzburg, Bonn, Komödie Düsseldorf, Komödie Frankfurt/M., Komödie u. Theater am Kurfürstendamm Berlin and tours.
Movies (selection)
Lily Tomlin (as Lou) in Brady's Ladies (2023) 
Carmen Maura (as Coco Cabrera) in Rainbow (2022) 
Lucero Trejo (as Majo) in Not So Merry Christmas (2022) 
Lesley Manville (as Ada Harris) in Mrs. Harris and a Dress by Dior (2022) 
Ann Harada (as Shirley) in Jerry and Marge - The Lotto Pros (2022) 
as the narrator in Diorama (2022) 
Blanca Apilánez (as Teresa) in Beyond the Summit - At the Summit of Annapurna (2022) 
Rhea Perlman (as Grandma Ruth) in 13: The Musical (2022) 
Kristin Griffith (as Audrey Claire) in Things Heard & Seen (2021) 
Susanna Thompson (as Jeanne) in Malignant (2021) 
as an old woman in Love Hard (2021) 
Mary Long (as Virginia Hamilton) in Ready for a Prince (2021) 
Deborah Hedwall (as Nancy) in After Yang (2021) 
Di Botcher (as Nerys) in Dream Horse (2020) 
Linda Darlow (as Mary Ann) in Buddy Games (2020) 
as a cake seller in Borat: Connection Movie (2020) 
Lin Shaye (as Angela Anderson) in Anderson Falls - A Cop on the Edge (2020) 
Meera Syal (as Sheila Malik) in Yesterday (2019) 
Marcia Dangerfield (as Grandma) in Poisoned Truth (2019) 
Isa Mercure (as Madame Tyran) in Silent Suspicion (2019) 
Carmen Maura (as Ángela) in People Come and Go (2019) 
Julie Quick (as Mrs. Ruthers) in Wedding Down Under (2019) 
Lynn Hunter (as Mrs. Heep) in David Copperfield - Once Rich and Back (2019) 
Series (selection)
Gigi Bermingham (als Carmen) in The Terminal List - Die Abschussliste (2022) in 1 Episode 
Meera Syal (als Erica) in Der Sandmann (2022-) in Episode "3" 
Ae-sim Kang (als Hausmeisterin) in Rookie Cops (2022) 
Ana Wagener (als Alicia) in Rein privat (2022) 
Becky Ann Baker (als Gigi Weaver) in Partner Track (2022) in Episode "2" 
Anna Dymna (als Lena Tremer) in Hochwasser (2022) 
Nina Norén (als Minna Williams) in Bad Sisters (2022) in 7 Episoden 
Kathryn Hunter (als Eedy Karn) in Andor (2022-) in 5 Episoden 
Patrizia Loreti (als Marie #1) in Die ahnungslosen Engel (2022) 
Cynthia Mace (als Mrs. Sue Wittenden) in Die Professorin (2021) in 1 Episode 
Ana Wagener (als Sonia) in Kein Friede den Toten (2021) in Episode "1, 3, 6 & 8" 
Jo Yang (als Li Wong) in The Equalizer (2021-) in 1 Episode 
Meagen Fay (als Schwester Beth Davies) in Dopesick (2021) in 2 Episoden 
Connie Chung (als Connie Chung) in The Undoing (2020) in 2 Episoden 
Chrissie Page (als Schwester Bernadette) in Stateless (2020) in Episode "2-4 & 6" (Staffel 1) 
Lynne Ashe (als Schwester Louise Love) in Stargirl (2020-) in 2 Episoden 
Kate Fuglei (als Kvetchy Fuelie) in Star Trek: Picard (2020-2023) in 1 Episode 
Viv Van Dingenen (als Karen) in Missing Lisa (2020) in 8 Episoden 
Denise Jones (als Direktorin Lessa) in Julie and the Phantoms (2020-) in Episode "2-3" (Staffel 1) 
Kelly Mizell (als Hotel-Managerin) in The Good Lord Bird (2020) in 1 Episode 
Sharon Morgan (als Ingrid Hansen) in Gangs of London (2020-) in 4 Episoden 
Joanna Scanlan (als Mutter Oberin) in Dracula (2020) in 3 Episoden 
Ingrid Jørgensen Draglan (als Eriks Mutter) in Blutiger Trip (2020-) in Episode "2" (Staffel 1) 
Susan Wooldridge (als Mrs. Elphinstone) in The War of the Worlds - Krieg der Welten (2019) 
Karin David - is/was dubbing voice of:
Diane Dorsey; Nora Dunn; Barbara Garrick; Ellerine Harding; Richard Steven Horvitz; Jonna Juul-Hansen; Joyce Krenz; Amy Madigan; Paula Malcomson; Lena Olin; Deborah Rush; Anna Wallander; Leah Ayres; Sarah Ferguson; Rebecca Front; Marilyn Jones; Kay Lenz; Gail O Grady; Diane Dorsey; Nora Dunn; Wendy Schaal; Sally Struthers;
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