Thomas Arnold

German native speaker Thomas Arnold, voice actor for advertisements

Voice actor, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 30 to 45 years
Main language:
Pitch of voice:
deep, dynamic, moderate, powerful, striking, voluminous, warm
Film, TV, Advertising

Thomas Arnold - Auditions

Thomas Arnold - Commercial BMW
Thomas Arnold - Advertisement Budesliga
Thomas Arnold - Commercial Watchever
Thomas Arnold - Advertisement Bank of Scotland
Thomas Arnold - Encomium sleep
Thomas Arnold - Encomium animation
Thomas Arnold - Encomium VFX Feuer
Thomas Arnold - Corporate video Veränderungen Internet
Thomas Arnold - Trailer Sachsenstudie
Thomas Arnold - Audio book Ernst Häckel
Academy of Dramatic Art "Ernst Busch" in Rostock, Germany
Bundesliga, BMW, Watchever, Bank of Scotland
Image film:
Swisscom, Wellendorff Gold Creations
Audio book / radio play:
Clarity & Connection, The Circle - They want you. They find you, Ten years you and me, Four stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Honigtot, Cold Zone, Toulouse Confidential, On the pure Magellans, Congo gold seekers, The bitter laurel, Tucholsky + Brecht
The Fall
Film / TV:
A strong team (ZDF), In the rose garden (cinema), Obsession, The silence after the shot, God is dead, Bear`s Kiss, The life of others, Schnauze Voll, Knights of the air, Just get out, Scrooge`s grandson, Wild Thing, They get you, The bride in black, The seed of money, The last witness, Wolffs Revier, The Commissioner, SK Kölsch, Crime scene, Death automatic, The old man, Of disappearance, Section 40
Movies (selection)
Frano Maskovic (as Boris) in Wo bleibt der Weihnachtsmann? (2022) 
Julian Sands (as Bruce) in The Hotel Haunting (2022) 
Vincent E. McDaniel (as Deputy Reynolds) in The Commando - Only One Will Survive (2022) 
Benedict Samuel (as Vincent) in Warning (2021) 
Jesse Hutch (as Ryan) in Chocolate and Love (2021) 
Billy Blair (as Hutch) in Red Stone (2021) 
Amir Jadidi (as Rahim Soltani) in A Hero - The Lost Honor of Mr. Soltani (2021) 
Andi Vasluianu (as Mr. Otopeanu) in Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (2021) 
Max Topplin (as Spencer) in The Toll Man (2020) 
Byron Herlong (as James Zellner) in Son of the South (2020) 
James D'Arcy (as Adam Bird) in LX 2048 (2020) 
David Arquette (as Bill) in High School - Let's Get Out of Here (2020) [synchro (2022)] 
As Dealer in Bad Candy (2020) [synchro (2022)] 
as Knut Ove in Fenris (2022) in episode "1-5" (season 1) 
Thomas Arnold (as Schroeder) in The War and I (2019-) in episode "2" (season 1) 
Chris Ayres (as 'Shingen Takeda') in Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings (2010) [synchro (2013)] 
Geoffrey Streatfeild (as Calum Reed) in Spooks - In the Sight of MI5 (2002-2011) in 6 episodes. 
Stefano Masciarelli (as engineer Renato Morabito) in Don Matteo (2000-) [2nd synchro (2022-)] in episode "The Fire of Passion" (season 1) 
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