Josefin Hagen

German native speaker Josefin Hagen, voice actress for advertisements

Voice actor, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 20 to 40 years
Main language:
Further languages:
English, Russian
Pitch of voice:
bright, delicate, mellow, soft
Film, TV, Advertising

Josefin Hagen - Auditions

Josefin Hagen - Commercial Subway Mittwoch
Josefin Hagen - Advertising Motorola Fashionnight
Josefin Hagen - Commercial Subway Freitag
Josefin Hagen - Corporate video Aisha
Josefin Hagen - Radio play Das Geheimnis von Claire und Wölfchen 1
Josefin Hagen - Radio play Das Geheimnis von Claire und Wölfchen 2
Josefin Hagen - Film Menteur Russian
Josefin Hagen - Reading dialect Saxon
Josefin Hagen - Monologue accent French
Josefin Hagen - Film dubbing Greys Anatomie
Seminar for "Moderating Speaking", one-day dubbing workshop with Dietmar Wunder, intensive training at Theaterstudio Friedrichstrasse Berlin, workshop at Die Tankstelle (with Sigrid Andersson / acting coaching)
VW, Motorola, Möbel Höffner, Penthouse, Römerwall, Quelle, Profirent
My Super Pets online game

Audio book / radio play:
The secret of Claire & Wölfchen (live radio play), Goethe in Italy, Daniel's departure, We are afraid, The life of young Goethe, Zacki and the zoo gang, Belle and Sebastian

Film / TV:
Das Geheimnis von Claire und Wölfchen, Hansaplast - Henry (short film), GZSZ (RTL), Johanna (short film), Ku'damm 59 (ZDF), Echte Männer? (Pro 7), Für alle Fälle Stephanie (Sat 1)
Theater am Kurfürstendamm Berlin, Theater Vorpommern in Greifswald, Neue Bühne Senftenberg, tours through Germany and Switzerland, Hansatheater Berlin
Films (selection)
Holland Roden (as Lydia Martin) in Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) 
Pauline Clément (as Chloé) in The Liar (2022) 
Elsa Guedj (as Esther) in On a Beautiful Morning (2022) 
Alexandrina Turcan (as Gloria) in Haute Couture - The Beauty of the Gesture (2021) 
Sara Giraudeau (as Sofia) in The Night Doctor (2020) 
Lisa Truong (as Ms. Kwan) in Shazam! (2019) 
Mimi Gianopulos (as Alyson) in The Knight Before Christmas (2019) 
Fernanda Dorogi (as a young mother) in Gemini Man (2019) 
Aubrey Reynolds (as Blue Ribbons) in Back to You - A Second Chance at Love (2018) 
Izzy Stevens (as Bella Bartlett) in Occupation (2018) 
Amani Ibrahim (as Shirin) in My Favorite Stuff (2018) 
Alison Wheeler (as Miss Trudel) in Gaston - Disasters on the Run (2018) 
Fiona Xie (as Kitty Pong) in Crazy Rich (2018) 
Saori Sudou (as 'Empress Tianzi') in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - III Glorification (2018) 
Saori Sudou (as 'Empress Tianzi') in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - II Transgression (2018) 
as Lisa in Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) 
Series (selection)
Summer Menkee (as Cindy Boudreux (older)) in The First Lady (2022) in episode "10" 
Chelsey Crisp (as Casey) in Young Rock (2021-) in episode "3, 9; 1-6, 8, 10, 12" (season 1; 2) 
Maaya Uchida (as 'Ryouko Tenjouin') in Komi Can't Communicate (2021-) in episode "20" 
Elina Golde (as Yulia) in A Great Leap (2021) in 1 episode 
Jessika Van (as Poppy) in American Horror Stories (2021-) in 1 episode 
Abby Glover (as a student) in Messiah (2020) in 2 episodes 
Katia Kvinge (as Ingrid) in Feel Good (2020-2021) 
Lucy Walters (as Amelia Cartwright) in FBI: Most Wanted (2020-) in episode "6" (season 2) 
Gillian Vigman (as Meg) in Brews Brothers (2020) in episode "3 & 6" (season 1) 
Maude Bouchard (as Isabelle) in Barkskins: Made of Hard Wood (2020) in 4 episodes 
Dominique Moore (as Rosie) in Four Weddings and a Funeral (2019) in episode "4 & 6" (season 1) 
Eileen O'Connell (as Gate Agent) in The Unicorn (2019-2021) in 1 episode 
Carolina Main (as Celine) in Temple (2019-2021) in 3 episodes 
Ashley Park (as Jennifer 'Ani' Winter) in City Stories (2019) in 9 episodes 
Christie Burke (as Melanie Gram) in The Murders (2019) in episode "5" (season 1) 
Meg Wright (as Marya) in One Like Alaska (2019) in 4 episodes 
Ana Mackenzie (as Irma) in Dolly Parton's Heart Stories (2019) in 1 episode 
Jen Zaborowski (as Bunny Bartles) in Black Monday (2019-2021) in 3 episodes 
Reading: Princess Nicoletta
Animation: Zacki und die Zoobande (ZDF)
Josefin Hagen - is/was dubbing voice of:
Megan Park, Jaleh Alp, Emilia Clarke, Shelly Cole, Lily Collins, Kate Easton, Amanda Fairbank-Hynes, Julianne Flores, Maggie Grace, Katerina Graham, Sarah Greene (II), Jennifer Hale, Reamy Hall, Laura Jacobs, Yeelem Jappain, Severina Kamugish Kemirimbe, Henriette Kasaruhanda, Nora Kirkpatrick, Ada Michelle Loridans, Jillian Marie, Tyler Nicole, Laura Peters, Imogen Poots, Yumi Shimizu, Rachel Specter, Eri Taruta, Yuko Terazaki, Lauren Vera, Alison Wheeler, America Young, Yuuko Gotou, Holland Roden, Ayumi Yonemaru, Jamie Chung, Sylvie Davidson, Melissa Dionisio, Aaryn Doyle, Katie Findlay, Lena Friedrich, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jordan Harapiak, Jennifer Holland, Evelyn Hoskins, Li Ming Hu, Nik Isbelle, Hisako Kanemoto, Gia Mantegna, Tamaki Matsumoto, Mimi Michaels, Katie Moore, Ciera Payton, Eva Quinn, Julia Ragnarsson, Ginette Rhodes, Cameron Richardson, Chiwa Saito, Harumi Sakurai, Christiane Seidel, Samantha Shelton, Brooke Anne Smith, Kelly Stables, Elaine Tan, Sally Taylor-Isherwood, Kazato Tomizawa, Sayaka Yoshino, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Nan Zhang,
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