Abelardo Decamilli

Spnish native speaker Abelardo Decamilli, voice actor

Voice actor, Native speaker, Audio books & drama, Computer games
from 45 to 60 years
Native language:
Spanish (European)
Main language:
Spanish (European)
Further languages:
German => Spanish (European), Spanish (European) => German
Pitch of voice:
light, serious, smoky
Film, TV, Advertising, Radio, Documentary

Abelardo Decamilli - Auditions

Abelardo Decamilli - Corporate video Max Data Spanish
Abelardo Decamilli - Reading Spanish
Abelardo Decamilli - Non-fictonal text Spanish
Abelardo Decamilli - Film dubbing German accent
Movies (selection)
Ruben Rabasa (as Tio Walter) in The Father of the Bride (2022) 
Lee Boardman (as Mauricio) in Memory - His Last Mission (2022) 
Alejandro De Hoyos (as Col. Sebastian Marin) in The Man from Toronto (2022) 
Thomas Forbes-Johnson (as Julian) in The Lost City (2022) 
Joaquín Cosio (as General Mateo Suárez) in The Suicide Squad (2021) 
David Barrera (as Beto) in Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive (2021) 
Dimiter D. Marinov (as St. Agnes Hotel Manager) in The Little Things (2021) 
Mateo Gómez (as Alejandro) in In the Heights: Rhythm of New York (2021) 
Julio Cesar Cedillo (as Jesus Cortez) in The Harder They Fall (2021) 
Jorge Calvo (as Diego) in 8 Rue de l'Humanite (2021) 
Mike Benitez (as Restaurant Manager) in Superintelligence (2020) 
Hemky Madera (as Mr. Delmar) in Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) 
Emilio Rivera (as Aquarius) in 3 From Hell (2019) 
Francesc Garrido (as Colonel Solano) in Titan - Evolve or Die (2018) 
Raoul Max Trujillo (as Rafael) in Sicario 2 (2018) 
Lobo Sebastian (as Bug) in The Mule (2018) 
Series (Selection)
Joseph Castillo-Midyett (as El Aguila) in She-Hulk: The Lawyer (2022) in 1 episode 
Luis Callejo (as Andrés Calero) in In from the Cold (2022) in episode "3-7" 
Carlos Alazraqui (as 'Chivo') in Maya and the Three (2021) 
Miguel Andrade (as Alejandro) in Bump (2021-) in episode "1-4, 6, 7, 9, 10; 1-10; 1, 4-6" (season 1; 2; 3) 
Joaquín Cosio (as Casimiro 'Pop' Morales) in Gentefied (2020-) in 10 episodes 
Benito Martinez (as Gabriel Reyes) in 9-1-1: Lone Star (2020-) in 5 episodes 
Juan Carlos Cantu (as Rafael Martinez) in Good Trouble (2019-) in episode "3 & 9-10" (season 2) 
Luis Guzmán (as Guapo) in Godfather of Harlem (2019-) in 4 episodes 
Roberto Medina (as Dr. Eduardo Siquieros) in The Romanoffs (2018) in 1 episode 
Emilio Rivera (as Marcus Alvarez) in Mayans M.C. (2018-) 
Bijan Daneshmand (as Ali Ardavan) in Deep State (2018-2019) in 4 episodes 
Alejandro Furth (as Antonio Manuel) in Barry (2018-) in 15 episodes 
Eric Lopez (as 'Fito') in Spirit: Wild and Free (2017-) 
Carlos Linares (as Mauricio) in Snowfall (2017-) in 5 episodes 
Abelardo Decamilli - is/was dubbing voice of:
Simón Andreu; Raul Aranas; Eloy Casados; Joaquin Cosio; David Krumholtz; Eduardo Noriega; John Ortiz; Gustavo Sánchez Parra; Alfred Tinsley; Tony Amendola;
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