Advertising Speakers

Advertising speakers & voices

The voice actors and actresses, who have a high recognition value are ideal for commercials and productions of every kind.

What do you think for example of one of the top advertising voices John Irving, he has given his deep voice to the campaignes of Panasonic and Aspirin.

Also Detlef Bierstedt who has given his impressive voice to the commercials of Cremadiso and Testosports.

Or do you rather have a female top voice such as Bianca Krahl for example? She gave her voice to the advertising campaignes of Maybellin and Fabletics. Or Daniela Thuar is also well-known with her perfectly voice of Vichy, Joop and Schauma.

Whoever you decide for, the famous voices have one thing in common - they are unmistakable. This can give a unique character to a new production - and you can transport your image perfectly!

Within the alphabetic order you will find the voice actors listed with us.

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Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice for you!


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Advertising speakers


Female (18)
      Sander, Marty
      Saoudi, Basma
      Sauer, Viola
      Sawatzki, Andrea
      Schmidt, Virginia
      Schroetter, Heike
      Schwab, Susanne
      Shank, Corey
      Siewert, Agnes
      Smole, Morin
      Snoeijers, Romy
      Sörensen Habel, Anette
      Stanecka, Joanna
      Stürzbecher, Ulrike
      Suk, Moon
      Sulcova, Helena
      Sumner, Maria
      Svensson, Kristina
Male (22)
      Sanchez, Francisco
      Sanchez Calvo, David
      Sanchez-Fraguas, Manuel
      Sargent, Seumas Francis
      Sarvas, Martin
      Schaff, Frank
      Schalla, Björn
      Scherwenikas, Matthias
      Schmal, Mark
      Schmidt-Foss, Gerrit
      Schöne, Reiner
      Schult, Christian
      Semmelrogge, Martin
      Sense, Torsten
      Smolej, Thomas
      Solvik, Andree-Östen
      Sönmez, Murat Özgür
      Spitzer, Jan
      Steele, Phil
      Stendorff, Henrik
      Storm, Poul
      Sykora, Michal

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