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A Chinese native speaker is the definitive choice for your project of any kind, based in this language.

The mother tongue is ingrained phonetically and grammatically during early childhood development. Languages learned subsequently, rarely have the authentic quality one hears from a foreign language native speaker. To assure that your project has the highest production value, we strongly recommend casting one of ours. It pays off.

Our pool of artists is extensively screened, in order to offer the distinctive sound that only someone speaking their mother tongue delivers. This ensures our high standard results.

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Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice over talent for you.


    Female (Chinese) (10)
The Diplom journalist Lin An is Chinese native speaker. She could already gain some experiances as a presenter in her home country China. Since 2005 the Chinese voice actress is working as a correspondent for the German TV channel Phoenix. Lin An has recorded advertisements and television productions.
The Chinese native speaker Jia Cai has a light, youthful and soft voice. The voice actress lives in Berlin and is especially booked for corporate video recordings.
Meylan Chao is a Chinese speaker and highly in demand. The native speaker completed her studies at the Broadcasting Collage Bejing. The Chinese native speaker is not only working as voice-over artist but also as actress in theatre plays and diverse film and television productions.
Chinese native speaker Celina Zhang is living and working in Berlin. With her high und middlestrong voice she is very good applicable in all areas of speaking. She could already collect experience in the area of corporate videos and did some supernumerary jobs.
Chengni Guo is Chinese native speaker. The voice actress has a tender and soft voice which is versatile and especially suitable for audio guides, corporate videos and advertisements.
The Chinese voice actress Danxia Luo studies computer science at the Jiaotong Uni in Shanghai. The voice actress is also working as Chinese presenter for the Deutsche Welle TV and Radio France International. She speaks Mandarin Chinese.
Chinese (mandarin) native speaker I-Chung Wu is living and working in Berlin. She could already collect experiences in the area of film/tv. With her soft, fresh and mature voice she is very good applicable in all areas of speaking.
Chinese (Mandarin) native speaker Li Yuan is living and working in Berlin. She could already collect many experiences in the areas of advertisement, film/tv and film dubbing. With her multifacted, soft and at the same time fresh voice she is applicable in all areas of speaking. She also can speak a very likeable German und English with accent.
The Chinese voice actress Jie Zhao-Freitag is a certified translator. She has already gained some experience in film dubbing and other projects.
Due to her degree in German language studies the Chinese speaker Lea Zhou was able to break into the media market. The native speaker Lea Zhou is working as a radio journalist for Deutsche Well and Voice of America. Within the voive-over business Lea Zhou has dubbed several documentaries, corporate videos and advertisements. The Chinese voice actress has translated many German movies into Chinese language as well as Chinese blockbusters into German.
    Male (Chinese) (6)
The Cantones native speaker Bin Chuen Choi speaks also Chinese. The voice actor is often booked for corporate videos, documentaries and advertisements.
Hongliang Jiang is a very interesting newcomer. The Chinese native speaker has a serious but also variable voice.
Weijian Liu is a well known Chinese native speaker, he gave his voice as a film dubbing actor to the movie star Jackie Chan in diverse action movies. The Chinese voice actor is also a highly asked for actor and played rolles in German TV productions such as Alarm für Cobra 11, Großstadtrevier, Wolfs Revier and in den Straßen von Berlin.
Chengjun Xue is a chinese native speaker. The voice actor speaks Mandarin and is working as presenter and editor for the Deutsche Welle, as TV presenter and voice actor at SLTV in China as well as corespondent for Phönix Hong Kong.
Dai Ying is Chinese native speaker and works for Deutsche Welle as translator, editor and speaker since many years. The voice actor has a medium strong, serious voice which is especially suitable for corporate videos and advertisements.
The Chinese speaker and actor Fang Yu is a professional through and through. The Chinese native speaker is known through many productions behind and infron of the camera. As native voice artist he is also working as film dubbing actor, translator and plays parts on theatre stages.

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