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The luxemburgish native voices are ideally adapted for the use of foreign-language productions of all kinds in this language.

When a luxembourgian native voice over talent, the mother tongue shapes in their sound form and grammatical structure so deeply that he had largely automated controls. From puberty not only a luxemburgish native speaker can no longer take this language course.

If you want to add sound to a luxembourgian production-quality content, you should use luxemburgish native voices - quality pays off.

We review all
luxembourgian native speakers on their linguistic properties and let us acknowledge them. How we ensure that your interest a high quality standard.

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Martine Anne Breisch is a Luxemburgish native speaker. The voice actress is recording for advertisements, documentaries, e-learnings, cartoons, jingles, songs, games, presentations, telephone information services, audio books and many more in Luxemburgish, French and German.
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