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The greek native voices are ideally adapted for the use of foreign-language productions of all kinds in this language.

When a greek native voice over talent, the mother tongue shapes in their sound form and grammatical structure so deeply that he had largely automated controls. From puberty not only a greek native speaker can no longer take this language course.

If you want to add sound to a greek production-quality content, you should use greek native voices - quality pays off.

We review all greek native speakers on their linguistic properties and let us acknowledge them. How we ensure that your interest a high quality standard.

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    Female (Greek) (5)
Artemis Chalkidou is Greek native speaker and finished her studies at the Otto-Falkenberg-School in Munich. The voice actress didn't only give her voice to divers projects but stands infront of the camera as an actress, too. The Greek voice-over artist has a fresh, youthful and soft voice.
Maria Pamouki is Greek native speaker. The voice actress has a fresh, dynamic and soft voice, which is versatile. Maria Pamouki has been educated at the Collage of Acting in Athens. The Greek voice-over artist has recorded advertisements for e.g. Lidl, Saturn, Mercedes and for tele marketing in Greece. Maria Pamouki does translations from German into Greek.
Maria Rigoutsou is a Greek native speaker and has been educated as journalist and presenter at radio Deutsche Welle, Hesse Radio, and WDR. The Greek voice actress has spoken voice-overs for adverts of Siemens, Daimler Benz, ALDI und Euro Maut Services GmbH.
Nike Marie Vassil is a Greek native speaker. The voice actresshas a fresh, soft and youthful voice which is versatile.
Alexandra Zoe is a Greek native speaker. The voice actress also speaks German and French. Her fresh and sensual voice is versatile.
    Male (Greek) (3)
Angelo Marinis is Greek native speaker and was born in Athens. He grew up in Kalamata and is now living in Berlin, where he takes part in divers theatre and film productions.
Petros Michalas is a Greek native speaker who lives in Berlin Germany. He works as Greek voice-over artist and plays guitar, piano and is a musician playing jazz and Pop music.
Konstantinos Papathanasiou is a Greek native speaker who lives and works in Berlin Germany. The voice actor has a diploma in acting and has been educated in classical singing. The list of refferences for voice-overs he hase done is long and he has been a TV presenter for the Olympic Games in Athens.

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