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A Turkish native speaker is the definitive choice for your project of any kind, based in this language.

The mother tongue is ingrained phonetically and grammatically during early childhood development. Languages learned subsequently, rarely have the authentic quality one hears from a foreign language native speaker. To assure that your project has the highest production value, we strongly recommend casting one of ours. It pays off.

Our pool of artists is extensively screened, in order to offer the distinctive sound that only someone speaking their mother tongue delivers. This ensures our high standard results.

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Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice over talent for you.


    Female (Turkish) (7)
Serap Barut is a Turkish native speaker who lives in Berlin. She has already worked as actress for several German and Turkish film and television productions. The Turkish voice actress has also worked for diverse Turkish theatre productions. Serap Barut has a light and youthful voice which is perfect for different types of productions.
Tijen Erbilen is a Turkish native speaker living in Berlin. The voice actress has a multi facetted voice. Therefore she is often booked for Turkish productions of corporate videos and documentaries.
Betül Gülgec is a Turkish native speaker. She is often heard in several advertisements, e.g. Dr. Oetker, Duschdas and Perwoll.
Sevil Parlak is a Turkish native speaker. One can hear the Turkish voice actres often in advertisements for Berliner Volksbank or Mercedes Benz.
The Turkish native speaker Safak Pedük is not only known for her fresh voice but also has several engagements at German and Turkish TV productions. Due to her bilingualism the native speaker is often booked for advertisements and audio dramas.
Sevda Polat is a Turkish native speaker from Berlin. Next to having done some TV ads e.g. Anatolisch Alevitische community Berlin and channal D - Yola Cikanlar, RENO, she has several years of experiances as Turkish/German presenter for trade fairs, concerts and openings. The voice actress has a fresh cheeky voice which sounds soft at the same time.
Belhe Zaimoglu is a Turkish voice actress and a trained as actress and has an education in linguistics. The Turkish native speaker is performing in theatres and stood in front of the camera for Starkes Team, Das Idol, Kanak Atak and Liebe unter Verdacht amongst others. She does voice-overs for advertisements and corporate videos.
    Male (Turkish) (10)
Burak Acer is a Turkish native speaker. The voice actor has a strong, deep and full voice which is verstile. The Turkish voice-over artist has been educated at the UCLA in the USA. Burak Acer is famouse in Turkish television through his work as off-voice, voice actor for advertisements and as an actor.
Yilmaz Atmaca is a Turkish native speaker. The voice actor studied acting in Turkey and at the HDK Berlin. The Turkish voice-over artist is actor for theatre and film and is also doing voice-overs for advertisements and corporate videos.
Bülent Ay is a Turkish native speaker. The voice actor is very suitable for projects such as advertisements, corporate videos and documentaries. The Turkish native is also working as singer.
Tayfun Bademsoy is a Turkish native speaker. The voice actor and actor has been educated at the Theatre Berlin and is known to many through German film and TV productions like Polizeiruf 110, Tatort and ein starkes Team. The Turkish voice actor / film dubbing actor has dubbed actors like Fisher Stevens (as Benjamin) in "Short Circuit" and Sayed Badreya (as Hamdi) in "You don't mess with Zohan".
Angelo Serdar Basar is a Turkish native speaker. He has been educated at the Die ETAGE e.V. und Theaterstudio e.V. Berlin. The voice actor has a fresh and youthful voice.
Murat Celikkafa is a Turkish native speaker who has been educated at the Ege Universität Izmir/ Turky and at TRT. The voice actor has done recordings for corporate videos such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Deichmann and Olympus.
Beyti Engin, born 1981, in Çanakkale Gelibolu, has carved a successful career path as an actor and acting instructor. In 2015, he co-founded his own acting school called Pozitif Atölye with Uzm. Psikolog Filiz Kaya. In line with his goal of creating Turkey's Acting Archive, he has served as the host for a program titled "Bence Oyunculuk," consisting of 19 episodes, aimed at contributing to the world of acting. Beyti Engin has made a significant impact internationally, both as an actor and as an educator.
Orhan Guener is Turkish native speaker. The voice actor has a strong and smoeky voives and often booked for TV productions.
Özgür Murat Sönmez native speaker. The voice actor has been booked by companies such as Media Markt, Satur Öger Tours and by the state TV chanel for diverse projects. Özgür Murat Sönmez speaks with a dynamic, full and warm voice in Turkish as well as German.
Ali Yigit is a Turkish native speaker. The voice actor lives in Germany and works in the film and television area since many years as well as for theatre productions. The Turkish voice actor is also working as radio presenter and actor.

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