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A Portuguese native speaker is the definitive choice for your project of any kind, based in this language.

The mother tongue is ingrained phonetically and grammatically during early childhood development. Languages learned subsequently, rarely have the authentic quality one hears from a foreign language native speaker. To assure that your project has the highest production value, we strongly recommend casting one of ours. It pays off.

Our pool of artists is extensively screened, in order to offer the distinctive sound that only someone speaking their mother tongue delivers. This ensures our high standard results.

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Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice over talent for you.


    Female (Portuguese (South American)) (5)
Sensual, warm and soft, that is the voice of the Portuguese native speaker Carla Bessa. Next to her mother tongue, Portuguese (South America), the voice actress is also speaking German and English UK.
Brazilian native speaker Ligia Braz Correa is a Porguguese speaker who already could collect a lot of experiences in the area of advertisements in her mother tongue.
The Brazilian native speaker Grace Kelly Mendonca is applicable in all areas of speaking. Since her education she became more and more famous and will often be seen in international film- and tv-productions.
Portuguese native speaker Isabella Parkinson from Brazil is living and working in Berlin. As her 2nd and 3rd mother tongue she speaks English US and German. She acted already in many movies and also is active on stages in Germany and in foreign countries. In 2003 she was the host for the Love-Parade.
Janaina Pessoa is a South American Portuguese native speaker. The Brazilian voice actress has a fresh, youthful and soft voice, which is very versatile. Janaina Pessoa at the Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras and at the University Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore she translates from German into Portuguese.
    Male (Portuguese (South American)) (4)
Ricardo Eche is Portugese native speaker. The South American voice actor is working for film dubbing projects, industrial advertisements, film and television. Ricardo Eche is also working as speech coach for German film dubbing actors (cinema and tlevision productions for Scala Media, Arri Film oder Bavaria Film).
Brazilian native speaker Stephan Fleckenstein is next to his mother tongue Portuguese able to speak a accent free German and also Spanish. He could already collect a lot of experiences in all different areas of speaking as there are documentations, corporate videos, podcasts, features and many others. With his dynamic, multifaceted, fresh and at the same time sonor voice he is very good applicable in all areas of speaking.
Sidney Martins is Portuguese native speaker. The voice actor was born in Brazil and is living and working in Berlin. Next to experiances with international film and television productions he also feels at home on theatre stages around the world.
Brazilian native speaker Charles Mendonca is living and working in Berlin. The Portuguese voice actor finished his acting studies at the Public University of Brazil. Furthermore Charles Mendonca is working as an translator, film dubbing actor and theatre actor.

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