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A Polish native speaker is the definitive choice for your project of any kind, based in this language.

The mother tongue is ingrained phonetically and grammatically during early childhood development. Languages learned subsequently, rarely have the authentic quality one hears from a foreign language native speaker. To assure that your project has the highest production value, we strongly recommend casting one of ours. It pays off.

Our pool of artists is extensively screened, in order to offer the distinctive sound that only someone speaking their mother tongue delivers. This ensures our high standard results.

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Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice over talent for you.


    Female (Polish) (8)
Magdalena Gotkiewicz is a Polish native speaker. Due to her extensive education she is versatile applicable.
After finishing her education at the Acting School Charlottenburg in Berlin the polish native speaker could prove her talants in numerous projects. The polish voice actress has a soft and sensual voice and is often booked für German and Polish presentations because of it.
The Polish native speaker Dorota Kerski is also working as presenter and translator. The Polish voice actress is manly booked for recordings of audio guides and corporate videos.
Agnes Siewert is a Polish native speaker with a light and serious voice. The voice actress has mainly given her voice to audio dramas such as Der Teufel mit den 3 goldenen Haaren and Das kunstseidene Mädchen but also documentaries and advertisements.
Polish native speaker Joanna Stanecka is living and working in Ratingen, North Rhine-Westphalia. She already could collect many experiences in the areas of film/tv, moderations and advertisements. With her strong, markant and mature voice she is very good applicable in all areas of speaking.
Elisabeth Stasik is a Polish speaker. The Polish native voice actress is a qualified journalist and gives her voice to corporate videos and trade fair films. The voice-over artist has a soft, youthful and sensual voice.
Julita Witt is a Polish native speaker. The voice actress has recorded the navigational system for the smart2go. The voice-over artist Julita Witt has a soft and charming voice.
    Male (Polish) (6)
Janusz Cichocki is Polish voice actor. The native speaker has been educated at the Film Theatre and TV Collage in Lodz Poland. The voice actor has a strong, serious, dynamic and full voice. Janusz Cichocki ist often booked for corporate videos, documentaries amd trailer.
Tomasz Kycia is a Polish native speaker and can speak German without accent too. The Polish very flexible voice actor is often booked for presentations.
Grzegorz Olszowka is a Polish native speaker. The voice actor has a dynamic, strong and full voice which is versatile. After finishing his German and French A-Levels Grzegorz Olszowka has spent a year in America to do his American A-Levels there. The Polish native is also working as singer and film dubbing actor.
Tomasz Olszowka is Polish and German native speaker and an absolut genius in languages. The Polish German voice actor has a dynamic, medium strong and full voice, which is versatile. Tomasz Olszowka studied interpretation and translation in the languages polish, German and French. The voice actor is also working as simultaneous interpreter for conferences, offices, minestries and for the embassy of Poland
Piotr Papierz is a Polish native speaker. The voice actor lives in Berlin and is working as film dubbing actor, plays theatre and is also an actor for film and TV productions. His tone of voice is strong and is especially booked for voice-overs of corporate videos.
Wiktor Winogradski is a Polish native speaker. He has a dynamic, strong and full voice, which is versatile. The voice actor has studied at the University of Krakau and is working for the Radio station RBB as presenter, singer and actor on stages. As translator and voice actor Wiktor Winogradski has worked on several audio gudies.

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