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A British native speaker is the definitive choice for your project of any kind, based in this language.

The mother tongue is ingrained phonetically and grammatically during early childhood development. Languages learned subsequently, rarely have the authentic quality one hears from a foreign language native speaker. To assure that your project has the highest production value, we strongly recommend casting one of ours. It pays off.

Our pool of artists is extensively screened, in order to offer the distinctive sound that only someone speaking their mother tongue delivers. This ensures our high standard results.

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Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice over talent for you.


    Female (English (UK)) (12)
The British English voice actress Jennifer Sarah Boone lives in Hamburg and has won over many fans through her work on english audio books. The soft, warm and gentle voice of the native speaker is equally suitable for German and English corporate videos. But her voice is also suitable for advertisements, presentations at live events.
English UK native speaker Rebecca Carrington is living and working in Berlin. She is a member of the music and comedy duo "Carrington-Brown". She is an excellent singer and violoncellist. Due to her job she could collect a lot of stage experiences. With her multifaceted, dynamic and very changeable voice she is very good applicable in all areas of speaking.
British native speaker Yvette Coetzee speaks next to english also afrikaans. She is an author, director and actress. Whether in English, Afrikaans or German she is especially booked for advertisement, corporate video and podcast productions as well as for news reports and documentaries.
From her country of origin Newseeland over England, where she studied acting at the City Literary Institute in London, the British voice actress came to Berlin. Due to many TV and movie productions the english native speaker was able to increase her popularity a lot. By now the voice of Megan Gay is asked for in the field of film dubbing, voice overs and advertisements.
Judith Georgi is fully bilingual and works on German and English projects where a British accent or an accent with international flair is required. She is the current global voice of Miele and is often booked for projects that require a youthful, edgy voice.
Native UK voiceover artist Felicity Alice Grist also speaks German without an accent, having grown up speaking both languages. With her multi-faceted voice she is very versatile.
Freya Miller is an award-winning Danish-British voice actress based in London. She has a wide range of experience in voice-overs for commercials, video games, apps, documentaries and corporate films.
Due to playing the leading roles in both TV series `Bianca - Ways to get Lucky´ and `Julia - Ways to get Lucky´ the British native speaker Nicola Ransom managed her breakthrough in German television. As well as playing in both series the voice actress played parts in many films and theatre plays, German as well as English productions.
April Small is an English (UK) native speaker. She lives and works in Berlin. With her warm, soft voice, April Small can be used for a wide variety of productions.
Originally from New Zealand, Dulcie Smart is a native English UK speaker, but also speaks Australian and international English. With her clear, warm voice, she is in high demand as a native speaker - especially for documentaries, audio tours, e-learning and image films. She is also a talented film actress and enjoys lending her voice to characters in international animated films.
British native speaker Ingrid Wiseman is a professional, proactive and always willing to go the extra mile to achieve exactly what the script needs. She trained as an actor at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre school and went on to work in Television, Radio, Theatre and Film for several years. These days she works from her home studio as a Voice Over Artist/Actress. She is experienced in Narration, Commercial, Promo, E-learning, Explainers, IVR, Corporate and Character/audio drama.
Annette Yashpon is a English UK native speaker. The voice actress has a fresh, sensual and soft voice, which is versatile. Annette Yashpon has been educated at the University of Birmingham to become a pianist and presenter. She is also translating from German into English.
    Male (English (UK)) (21)
Many global players put their trust in the British English native speaker Nawroz Abbany when recording their voice-overs. Booking the English native voice actor is a guarantor for successful marketing of international spots like Volkswagen, E.ON or SAP.
Ross Antony is British English native speaker and known to many as lively all-raound talent. The voice actor has been educated as an actor at the guildford university of Acting in Surry. Through the casting show Popstars on the German TV channel RTL2 Ross Antony became well known as member of the band BroSis.
Peter Becker is an English (UK) native speaker. The native speaker trained at the Ernst Busch Drama School. The English speaker has a fresh and full voice. Peter Becker is used in particular for productions in the areas of advertising, image films and documentaries in English and German.
English UK Native Speaker Ray Cokes is a well-known radio and television presenter.
Alex D´Attoma is a British English native speaker. The voice actor has a dynamic, serious and warm voice, which is versatile. Alex D´Attoma has been educated at the Actors Centre in London. Some of his refrences are voice-overs for the German TV station VIVA, diverse Documentaries and corporate videos for the European Commision as well as productions for the EU parilament. Furthermore the British voice actor does translations from German into English.
Walter de Winter is a Dutch Native Speaker. His voice is strong, prominent and warm.
The British native speaker Ian Dickinson has a gentle, warm and serious voice. The native speaker has finished commercials, documentaries and various museum guides.
English UK native speaker Colin Griffiths-Brown is living and working in Berlin. He´s working as a performer, musician and comedian all over the world. With his deep and full voice he is very good applicable in all areas of speaking. He also speaks German with an accent.
English UK native speaker Martin Heckmann is living and working in Bremen. He will often be booked for industral films and presentation films as well as for advertisements. He has a very variable voice so he is applicable in all areas of speaking.
David Ingram is an English UK native speaker. The English speaker is Cambridge graduated and holds an MA in Linguistics. His voice is preferably used in corporate videos.
Allen Kelly is an Irish native speaker. The voice actor has finished his studies at the Laine Theatre Arts in London. The British English voice-over artist has a fresh, full and warm voice which ist often booked for corporate videos, documentaries and advertisements. Next to his mother tongue English he can als speak Gaelic.
Scott Joseph Martingell is a British Englisch speaker. The native voice actor has a deep, strong and full voice which is usable in various areas. Scott Joseph Martingell has been bookd as voice actor for documentaries like The mind of a Leader and Dafur - The Politics of Diplomacy, as well as in advertisements of Kit Kat. He can be heard as singer of the band "Blue Fountain" and in the soundtrack of Twilight.
After over ten years and world wide tours as a singer of the Pasadena Roof Orchestras the english voice actor changed sides: Instead of giving interviews, the native speaker Robin Merill swaped to interviewing people himself! In the morning show of the British Forces Broadcasting Service he welcomes many top stars. Even after changing to the radio station Die Deutsche Welle Robin Merrill stays on the line of success as presenter for magazines and reinforces his position through voice-over recodrings of documentaries, corporate videos and advertisements.
Advertisements, corporate videos, training videos and comentaries as well as presentations ... all this this in British English and German including translations! That's what his name stands for: Ben Posener, British native speaker. The English UK voice over actor is an absolut allrounder
Joshua Spriggs is a native English (UK) speaker. He completed his acting training in London and is now based in Berlin. With his warm and dynamic voice, he has worked for clients such as Coca-Cola, BMW and Telekom.
As a presenter of Deutsche Welle TV, voice actor for features, news and documentaries the British English voice actor Steve Taylor is often asked for. The voice actor has recorded advertisements, corporate videos and many other voice-over productions. Next to his mother tongue he is also speaking German with accent.
Simon Tunkin is British English native speaker. The voice actor finished his studies at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, in classical singing, opera and acting. English UK speaker Simon Tunkin is booked for advertisemnts for TV and radio as well as for corporate video productions.
David Vickery is a London based actor, broadcaster and voice-over talent with a career spanning over three decades. He can be corporate or characterful, straight or playfully comedic.
English UK native speaker Dan Wesker is living and working in Germany. He has a very distinctive, strong, deep and warm voice. Native Speaker Dan Wesker has worked on a large and diverse range of documentary films. He has done romotional trailers for MDR, image films for BMW, DHL and Datwyler, and podcasts for Mercedes, BMW and Audi, to name just a few. Throughout his career he has also built up a large repertoire of character voices for numerous audio city tours and animated films.
Advertisements, corporate videos, film dubbing and comentaries as well as presentations ... all this this in British English and German! That's what his name stands for: Ryan Wichert, British native speaker. The English UK voice over actor is an absolut allrounder
Ian Wood is a British English native speaker. The British voice actor has a full and warm voice. The voice-over artist from the UK is booked especially for recordings of advertisement and trade fair films as well as for corporate videos like for example Coca-Cola, BMW, Smart, Mercedes and DMAX.

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