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A Spanish native speaker is the definitive choice for your project of any kind, based in this language.

The mother tongue is ingrained phonetically and grammatically during early childhood development. Languages learned subsequently, rarely have the authentic quality one hears from a foreign language native speaker. To assure that your project has the highest production value, we strongly recommend casting one of ours. It pays off.

Our pool of artists is extensively screened, in order to offer the distinctive sound that only someone speaking their mother tongue delivers. This ensures our high standard results.

Speaker by categories:

Whether actors, native speakers or commercial voice over artists, we at Agentur Stimmgerecht oHG have the right voice over talent for you.


    Female (Spanish (European)) (15)
Audi, BMW, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Mile, Migros, Porsche, Saturn, Siemens, Swarowski Krystall, Toshiba, Vectron ...the spanish native speaker has recorded voice-overs for advertisements for all these companies already. The voice actress Katia Borras speaks fluent German, too.
The trade mark of the Spanish native speaker Meritxell Campos Olive is her warm, prominent and sensual voice. The native speaker has a Catalan accent. Meritxell Campos Olive has visited the Dance and acting School AREA in Barcelona. The voice actress is not only booked for advertisements but also for theatre productions and films.
The Spanish native speaker Irene Carrillo de Albornoz is working as a news presenter for the Spanish journal of Deutsche Welle since many years. The voice actress gave her voice to the faculty of the Spanish phiology (University of Turin) and for the spanish version of the German Theatre of the Present.
The Spanish voice actress Rosa Casals Meseguer finished her education at the University Sophia in Japan. The voice actress with the Ctalan dialect has done voice-overs for museum guides, advertisements and corporate movies as well as Spanish book texts. The native speaker is living and working in Berlin.
Spanish native speaker Celia De Diego was born in Spain and is now living and working in Berlin. She already could collect a lot of experiences in the area of film/tv and film dubbing. With her smooth, warm and soft voice she is very good applicable in all areas of speaking.
Spanish native speaker Angi Mandolini is living and working in Berlin. She already could collect a lot of experiences in Film and TV and also did a lot of moderations and documentations. With her fresh, markant and full voice she is very good applicable in all areas of speaking.
Maja Maneiro is a spanish native speaker. She studied at the acting and singing school in Hamburg. The spanish voice actress speaks voice-overs for advertisements, corporate videos and presents event. Her tone of voice is fresh, multi-faceted and dynamic.
Ileana Martin Perez is a Spanish native speaker. The voice actress does recordings for advertisements and corporate videos since many years. Her voice is medium strong and prominent.
After finishing her studies in acting in Paris the Spanish native speaker Isabel Navaro was able to show of her talants many times. The voice actress convinces infront of the camera for film and TV productions as well as behind the microphone when doing film dubbings or advertisements.
Helena Ovalle, Spanish actress and voice-over artist with own recording studio. She has been trained in theatre, dubbing, commercial voice-over and singing for musicals and have acted in several plays. Her works include voice over for video games such as Hogwarts Legacy, TV series, films and documentaries and a long list of audio books. She has a natural and warm voice, but I can offer a variety of tones according to the project.
Lucia Palacios is a Spanish voice actress. The native speaker is working in the areas of film dubbing, TV, journalism and advertisement voice-over recordings.
The Spanish and Italian voice actress grew up in a bilingual environment. The native speakers lives in Berlin and is often booked for documentaries and film dubbing. Cecilia Pillado also works as a translator.
Due to her bilingual education background the spanish native speaker Joanna Rubio is also speaking an accent free american English.With her warm and mid.strong voice she is applicable in all areas. She already has a lot of experience with advertisements and corporate videos.
Laia Vidal is a Spanish native speaker with a dynamic voice. The voice actress distinguishes herself tthrough her astounding education.
    Male (Spanish (European)) (15)
Salvador Campoy is Spanish native speaker. The voice actor is radio presenter, film dubbing actor and educated actor. The Spanish natove has a strong, smokey and warm voice. He has spoken for advertisements, corporate videos and documentaries.
Spanish native speaker Luis Alberto Casado is an experienced speaker with own studio in Spain. Next to his mother tongue he speaks the Castillian dialect and Southamerican Spanish as well as English with accent. He alreday could collect a lot of experiences in all different speaker areas. With his deep, full and markant voice he is very good applicable in all areas of speaking.
The young Spanish native speaker Alberto Casado Matas is already busy in the speaker area due to his father, who also owns a home studio. Therefore a quick and trouble free handling of projects is possible.
Abelardo Decamilli is Spanish native speaker. He speaks and translates corporate videos and training videos (Siemens & Mercedes), documentaries and commentaries
Javier Fernandez-Pena is a Catalan Spanish native speaker. The voice actor gives his voice to advertisement, radio and film dubbing productions.
The Spanish native speaker Alejandro Gonzalez looks back at over 30 years of experiance infront of the microphone. The voice actor speaks without any notion of a dialect.
Nacho Hermo is a spanish native speaker and is also working as translator. The spanish voice actor is often booked for corporate videos and voice-over productions.
Victor Oller a Spanish native speaker is highly asked for. The Spanish voice actor finished her studies in acting at the Acting School Adria Gual in Barcelona. Victor Oller is performing a lot in theatres and is wokring as a translator and editor in the spanish editorial department of the Deutsche Welle.
Alfonso Carlos Rodriguez is Spanish native speaker. With his young, fresh and moderate strong voice he will be booked for advertisements like EOS, FedEx, Panasonic and Nikon.
Francisco Sanchez is Spanish native speaker. The voice actor has a medium strong, fresh and youthful voice. Francisco Sanchez has done performances on the stages of e.g. kleinen Nachtrevue in Berlin and in the Theatre Krefeld.
Spanish native speaker David Sánchez Calvo is living and working in Berlin. As an educated actor and speaker he could already collect a lot of experiences in all different speaker areas.
Manuel Sanchez-Fraguas is Spanish native speaker. The voice actor has a flexible, warm and dynamic voice. Next to recording voice-overs for advertisements like BMW, Mercedes and Nestle Manuel Sanchez-Fraguas has also done corporate videos and trailer.
Spanish native speaker Joel Valverde is living and working in Spain. He has his own studio and can work fast and trouble free on projekts. Joel Valverde can speak the catalan and castilian dialects and is very good applicable in alle areas of speaking with his senore, deep and masculine voice. He could already collect many experiences in the areas of advertisements and corporate videos.

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